Chapter Four

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A/N: picture is Charlotte.

(One week later...)
(Anna's P.O.V)
"See ya, Annie," my younger sister Charlotte, also known as Charli told me. "I'll miss you. Keep in touch.
"Course I will, Charli-Bear. I'll miss you too. I love you."
"Love you too." She whispered into my shoulder as we hugged. Then she pulled back.
"Say hi to Indi for me." She said.
"Sure thing." I kissed her head as I got into my car. Waving to her as I pulled out of the driveway. She waved to me for as long as it took me to drive down the street.
Throughout the last week Indi and I had been setting up my room at the house and she'd been telling me about The guy she met, Juice. She liked him. I knew she did from the way she spoke about him and from the way she described his actions around her it was pretty obvious that he liked her too. It was so sweet. I smiled at the thought of my best friend in love.
(Juice's P.O.V)
"See ya, Indi." I said.
"See ya, Juice," she said. "You're still coming over for dinner, right? Anna wants to meet you."
"Sure thing," I told her. "I can't wait to meet her."
"Cool," she said and I could hear the smile and excitement in her voice. "See you then, then."
"Yeah," I said on a chuckle. "See you then, then."
"Bye." She said.
"See you later, Indi." I smiled as I concluded our conversation.
A few minutes after I talked to Indi I was called into the office by Gemma. I was fairly suspicious about what she wanted.
"Take a seat." She said expressionlessly. I sat in one of the chairs opposite the desk she sat behind.
"So," she began. "Who's this 'Indi' I've been hearing so much about?" I shrugged.
"I met her in town last week. We're only friends at the moment but I think I'm starting to like her." I explained keeping my gaze glued on my hands in my lap. I looked up to see her nodding in contemplation.
"You know Tig tried hitting on her at Hanna's, right?" I tensed. She wasn't my Ol' Lady or anything-yet- but the thought of Tig hitting on her made me feel sick and put me on edge.
"Judging by your reaction," Gemma began cautiously. "I'm guessing you didn't." I shook my head. Teeth clenched, blood boiling.
"Listen," she said. "If you like this girl as much as it seems you do, say something. Tell her how you feel and make it known to the other guys that she's yours and yours alone. I'm planning another dinner for two weeks from now. You should bring her along, introduce as your Ol' Lady." I smiled at Gemma's advice. I liked that idea. The idea of Indi as my Ol' Lady. I'd never had an Ol' Lady before but I felt like Indi was perfect for me. She was beautiful, independent and a Harley lover. She was amazing. I nodded.
"That's a great idea, Gem," I told her. "I'm having dinner with her and her friend tonight. It'd be a perfect time for me to tell her how I feel about her." Gemma nodded. Then the phone rang.
"That sounds great, sweetheart. I hope it goes well for you." I took that as my cue to leave, so I headed back out to the garage so I could get on with my work.
(Indi's P.O.V)
Later that afternoon, Anna and I began cooking dinner. We danced around the kitchen as we cooked and prepared the meals and desserts, singing along to the radio as we went. We joked and laughed with each other as well. We were having so much fun. After everything was either cooked, or cooking we flopped down on the couch each holding a glass of wine. We sat there talking and laughing about anything and everything until the doorbell rang.
"That's him." I said excitedly. I handed my glass to her and jumped up to let Juice in. I was taken aback by his appearance. He wore black jeans and a grey t-shirt but he wasn't wearing his cut.
"Hey." He said with his signature grin on his face.
"Hi." I said smiling too. We hugged before I let him in.
"Juice, this is Anna McClain. My best friend. Anna, this is Juice Ortiz my..." I didn't know what to call him. We'd been spending a lot of time together but I didn't know whether to say we were together or not.
"I'm her boyfriend." Juice told Anna surely. But this news was as new to me as it was to her. He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.
"Boyfriend?" I asked looking back at him. "Since when?"
"Since now." He said and chuckled before kissing my cheek. I giggled and leaned into him. Our moment was suddenly interrupted by Anna.
"Aaaaaw!" She squealed. "That's so sweet." Juice laughed and I cleared my throat.
"Well," I said. "Dinner's ready. Let's eat." And we sat down to eat.
That evening went pretty well. Juice and Anna seemed to get along fairly well. We were all talking and laughing and just having a really nice time. Juice held my hand the whole time we were talking. I was so happy. Anna went to bed at around ten because she had work the next day. I think she was giving Juice and I time alone as well which I had to admit I was grateful for. Juice and I laid on the couch together watching some cheesy romantic comedy on TV.
"What happened with you and Tig?" Juice asked me. I was guessing 'Tig' was that old dude from the diner.
"Nothing really," I told him. "He asked me out but I rejected him."
"Tig's not normally one to give up without a fight unless he's embarrassed. How did you reject him?"
"Well, I told him I didn't date cradle snatchers." Juice laughed.
"Good. I'm glad," he told me. "Tig's a bit of a freak." I chuckled.
"I kinda figured something was a little off about him. Not many guys are as forward in their advances as he was."
"Meaning?" Juice asked through clenched teeth. I felt his body tense against my back.
"He didn't do anything too bad," I assured him. "He put his hand on my leg. I pushed it away. Nothing to worry about, I doubt he'll try it again." I smiled as I felt him relax. We spent until nearly two in the morning cuddling and watching TV before Juice said he should go. I walked over to the door with him. He held my hand the whole time.
"Night, Indi." He said as he hugged me. When he pulled back he kissed my cheek.
"Night, Juice." I smiled. I watched as he jogged to his bike and waited until I saw it turn off my street before walking back inside, closing the front door and walking down the hall to my room. I flopped down on my bed smiling to myself and sighing. I then curled up under the covers and closed my eyes sighing again. This all seemed too good to be true but I hoped it would last.

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