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My twenty freaking dollars! I spent that much just to follow the Ze-fucking-ro's hot car! So, that first-day incentive was for this?

Obviously, do you still need someone to spell it out? I gritted my teeth in irritation. This subconscious bitch should thank all the Gods that I will never be able to get a hold of her neck.

With one last glare at the annoying nosy cab driver, I went off of the cab. I checked my cellphone. 7:03.

I'm just here to settle my fucking arrangement with his son and not to start my shift for fuck sake.

Oh, that lousy secretary and old rich hag of a chairman better be prepared for me after I get back to his son! He parked his hot red car in front an unmistakably high-end club in which the words 'alive, vibrant, perky, bouncy' would be insufficient to describe it.

I ran after Zero as he went out of his car. I couldn't keep from rolling my eyes. The guy emits nasty arrogance and cockiness. What a faggot. He walked straight to the entrance and went in at the exact time I was already behind him. I adjusted my body bag so it won't go in my way. "You!" I hissed closely behind him. The orangutan didn't spare me a fucking single look like I was just a big joke lingering around him. acting like he didn't hear anything. Instead, he went straight to the entrance, he gave the bouncer a lazy nod.

"You're oddly early tonight, Mr. Walton," the bouncer with terrifying ripping muscle courteously pointed out as he let his prince enter the black tinted huge door.

I frowned.

"I ditched my appointment at the school," he answered knowingly. Why do I feel like he's seducing someone by the tone of his voice or that voice is his normal speaking voice?

His voice should be banned by how dangerous and alluring it is! Shut up, slut.

I followed behind him attentively but the bouncer, more like a breathing muscle that had grown a head, blocked my way.

He crossed his arms. "Who are you, Missy?"I mentally scoffed at the muscle man.

"I'm this Orang—" I stopped my mouth as the muscle man arched his eyebrow. I looked at Zero who was looking at me with a smug look through the reflection of the tinted glass door which was about to close. Oh, shit Sherlock. "Fuck! I'm Zero Walton's..." nanny? I smirked evilly and made sure to show it to Zerongutan. I'm a fucking genius. Zerongutan. You hear that, Einstein?

"I mean. I'm Zero Walton's," I laughed mentally imagining this muscle man's reaction, "nann—"

"Let her in. I'm with her. She's my pet."

Pet? Me? A fucking pet? "I'm not your pet! You—" the muscle man watched me suspiciously. I mentally finished my outburst. Retard! Shithole! Fuckass! Major mongoloid! "What's up, big dude? Do you have a problem with my fashion sense?" I asked sarcastically before I entered the door, following the dickhead.

Surprisingly, the club is not as crowded as how I thought it would be. It screams class and glam. Nevertheless, there are still the wild ones who are here to get wasted and pretty much, hook up. The who place has is a bigger version of a VIP room. There's a huge dance floor at the center, huge tables at the corner walls with a complete set of leather sofa. There are also high small tables everywhere for those who wanted a casual clubbing style and such. The music is actually good.

Back to business, I didn't fail to notice how girls in slutty clothes looked at the dickhead in front me. They all gave the dickhead the ever famous flirty smile that obviously meant 'Fuck me, Mr. Walton and I'll fuck you'. I gave them a look. Come here. I'll fuck you with a screwdriver to match how screwed you are, sluts.

"Zi, Baby." A red hair in red tube fitting dress with thick mascara and makeup came to him. She kissed him on the cheek before wrapping her arms around him. I heard Baby Zi, me shuddering in disgust while saying that, chuckled and squeezed her butt that made the red hair squeaked in delight. I rolled my eyes.

"Hey," his ever deep seductive voice greeted her. The other girls tried to get his attention so he greeted them as well. Of course, after their eyes lingered on the dickhead, it shifted on me before they raised an eyebrow. Their flirty smile shifted into a sneering mouth with a disgusted face.

I arched my eyebrow at them. The club has dim light but you not that dim to visibly bitch around. I titled my head in a domineering manner. I gave them, no, the red hair a look that says 'What? I'm a boss of my own world. I'm damn famished right now, so move your eyes before I move them myself and resort to cannibalism.'

For her own good, she moved her eyes. Good choice, skank. She flipped her hair big curls showing more of her skin. Clearly, she's not yet satisfied with her overly exposed non-existent boobs. She turned to the manwhore of her dreams. "You're early," she said.

Again with damn early? What's with this dickhead being early? Is he a vampire? What a stupid question, Few.

Zero shrugged and pointed his shoulder at me. What about me? My eyebrows knitted in annoyance as the girls turned to look at me again with equal annoyance and of course, disgust. My nose flared and I was already having a hard time to keep my mouth shut for the sake of my eye-glittering job. My evil subconscious is already stomping her foot at me, whispering evil thoughts to me. Like I need that anyway, I'm pure evil to everyone who gives me a bullshits except to my employer.

"What?" I asked dryly.

They made a face and scanned my body again. "Err. Who is this cheap girl? Where did you get her?" the red hair asked the dickhead.

"Excuse me?" I interrupted. My mind starts to see red and flesh. My subconscious is gritting her teeth in anger, trying to knock my head out of her way.

"I'm not talking to you."

"You're not because you're talking about me."

"And so?" And so? You'll find out soon.

I stepped closer to her. "Listen, you fucked up skank with loose asshole plus extra ugly as fucked goblins," they gasped, "I'm not here to swallow your bullshits as how you swallow everything coming from anyone's dick. Second, if you wanted to humiliate me, make sure you're prettier, wittier and wealthier than I. Third, get your horrible head out of my sight before I give you multiple slaps of reality that I can ruin you with just one call to my Father. Fourth, don't you fucking think I'm fucking kidding, you asymmetric-faced slut because I'm already itching to take out that silicon in your non-existent boobs. By the way, shame but contouring your boobs didn't help at all."

They gasped. Yeah, I get that a lot and I'm not yet done. I turned to the dickhead.

"And you Zero with a small dick, finish your damn business here quickly so I could fuck your brains off and teach you a thing or two on how to fuck rightly. You obviously needed a lesson for you can only get slutty girls with a loose hymen, loose ass, and over-used jaw to get laid. Come on, small dick plus loose hole is never a good combination. It's like a monkey fucking a cow."


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