A/N - I know this chapter is a little boring but it's just kinda one for a filler, nothing drastic happens so I'll try and move it on a bit more next time. Thanks for reading!!


Hermione stood still next to Draco and looked around. She could see why he had pulled to a sudden stop.

It was breath-taking, the colours that were splashed around the large common room were amazing. There were beautiful paintings and art dotted on the walls, both old and modern that complimented the two Houses of Slytherin and Gryffindor.

"Jesus. Granger!! Stop bloody gawking, it's just a common room," Draco exclaimed after standing still next to Granger for a full minute examining the architecture around them.

Turning left he strode through to the wooden door decorated with a dark green tint. Swinging it open he stepped into his room where all of his suitcases were stacked near the bottom of his bed. The doubled sized bed was directly in front of the door. It was neatly covered with silk sheets that were edged with silver thread. The pillows matched exactly, the bed side table had a large unlit cream coloured candle. There were two sets of empty drawers ready to by filled opposite the bed and a dark wooden wardrobe had a long mirror that filled a single door side.

The extra door on the other side of the room led him to a fairly large, modern bathroom. The spacious shower was at a corner and an egg shaped bath lay length ways next to it. Opposite the bath was a clear glass, bowl like sink. On its right was an extremely clean toilet; white square tiles were carefully arranged along the walls and ceiling, most likely to prevent any damage that might be done.

Everything was ordinary. Apart from the red tinted door parallel to his on the other side of the bathroom. It stood proud and arrogant against the pearly white room. 

It was the door to Granger's room. 

"Oh, Merlin. I'm so screwed," he murmured to himself.

He turned and went back to his room to unpack.

Meanwhile Hermione was making her way to the room that Malfoy had not gone near, she was observing and taking in all the things around her. She loved the look the the bookcase that towered above her. It was against the right wall of the common room, filled with both muggle and wizard, fiction and non-fiction books, there were two separate desks close by that held spare parchment paper, ink pots and quils. Hermione wouldn't need the ink pots or quils in private because she had brought with her enough muggle pens to last a life time. Or two. 

She entered her personal chambers and settled in; it was exactly as interesting and great from the description a former head had told her about. Even then it exceeded her expectations. 

Soon enough she met up with her friends who were outside of the library all waiting for each other. 

"Hey, Hermione, we're just all going to the Gryffindor Common Room to hang, you coming?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah, sure, let's go," she replied.

The gang headed to the GCR and stayed until lunchtime when Hermione had to go to another heads and prefects meeting in a room near Headmistress McGonnagal's office. 

Even Malfoy turned up on time. The whole meeting didn't have anything interesting in it but it was just about who would be patrolling the corridors and when. Hermione happened to be with the head boy 4/7 days every other week, she was thankful it wasn't anymore. 

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