It's so Irritating

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"It's just another typical Monday mornining." I said with such happiness in my voice, which never exist. I walked the mirror and examined my self. "Great. Can't wait to be liked at!" I added. "As if there's a person who have guts likes me.". I stared at my black eyes even more, "Gosh Evell! You're the worst form the worst!" I shouted at my reflection.

I went to the bathroom and wash myself. Then after, I searched for some clothes at my closet and clothed myself. I wore a black shirt and covered it with a gray hanging shirt, pair of jeans and black laced shoes. I examined myself again, looking at my black wavy hair and my eyes with eyeliner. I look very dark.

Evelline Heather Devim, you're just the worst!

It's not fun to be surrounded by people that never accepts you as a person. They mostly see me as a virus that spreads when you het near to it, or a monster that you must be afraid of because it might break you into pieces, or even worse, eat you alive.

Lira and Fredrick, also known as my parents, never really loved each other. What I know is that I am just an accident; one-night-stand. Lira is a prostitute, while Fredrick, I don't even know him! I have different fathers every month. Maybe the one who had survived with us lasted, more or less, 2 years only! That's how my family grew - worthless and very desperate to die. I even have seven siblings, five boys and two girls! One is with me, three were at the orphanage, one at the jail, one at a very rich lifestyle because she came with her father in another country, and the very last one is at the bar as a prostitute like Lira. Actually only my brother, who lives with me, knows me! None of them met me and neither do I! I don't know what they look like, what their names are, and even how old they were!

My life is a no joke, no fun, no friends, and no F-A-M-I-L-Y. My life is just a disaster! So, who the heck will like me if my background story is just like this?!

I lay down at my bed and try to think what it my life looks life if it's in the opposite events. What if Lira really love Fredrick? What if Lira had a better job? What if I have better parents? What if people respects and accepts me - the real me?

People are just so arrogant and opinionated! They spread rumors, gossips and trashy talks around! That's how this communty breaks down! I know that I am also one of them, but if someone starts the peace, then there will be peace.

"Evell! What the fucking thing are you doin that's taking you so long?" Argh! Come on Lira! I just want space! Some peace!

I opened the door and shouted, "Why do you care?!", and slammed the door infront of her.

I just really HATE her!

"I'm going to bring you to the bar for a better view of your future.", she shouted back. The fucking why?! That will never be my future! I'm not a slut!

"I really hate you, Lira! Get out of my life! What is the fucking wrong with you SLUT?!" I shouted with more impact in the last sentence.

"So, here we go again, with that slut and bitchy me. Guess what! You will be too! So come with me right now... BITCHY!" She responded.

She is so annoying! I don't wanna live here anymore!

"I will never be like you!" I grab my bag and jumped out from the window from the second floor.

So here's another reason to die, school.

They are really afraid of me, exept the bullies. They always make fun of me, but no one responds to what they do. I usually eat alone, then they seat right next to me and make fun of me. They usually throws food at my face or eat my food. I just got so tired from all of this!

So here I am, entering hell!

The place was newly-painted in a color of cream. People chatting and laughing with friends passing through doorways. The entrance has a banner saying 'Welcome Students for Another School Year!'.

So, yeah it's the first day of school. Wondered how I got in this school? Well, I found thousands of dollars in the bag of Lira's recent 'bussinessman' boyfriend. The truth is that they broke up with each other because of the missing money. Luckily, I enrolled myself to a not-so-cheap school. I'm going to save the remaining money for next year or any bills in school that I need to pay.

Then a sudden push hit me, and I hit the ground. The person who pushed me looks so juvenile - some kind of baby-faced person. I examined his Identification card. His name is Tyler Cusian. He's in the class of Grade 11 Section II - wait, he's my classmate?! I cannot remember his face.

"I am really sorry miss." His voice is not that deep and husky. "May I help you miss?" He lend a hand to help me get up, but I declined his help. I stood up and grab my bag.

"I am very sorry." Tyler repeated.

A pause.

"Uhm... So, what is your na-"

"Uhm... I better be going." I stopped him and run.

I entered to the back entrance of the school to avoid him.

Yes, I don't like to communicate to people. If it's possible, I will not say any word to him. But, how will I escape from him?

I found a ladies' comfort room and enter it to check myself. I found my left arm soiled. I removed my hanging shirt and washed my arm to remove the dirt. Then I got my hoodie just to cover the soiled sleeve. I put the shirt in my bag and left the room.

I walk at the corridor finding my locker. I found my locker labeled 00166. I opened it and painted a skull then wrote EVELL WAS HERE. I hanged my soiled shirt in and left all the books that were not needed. I closed my locker and there I saw Tyler leaning on a locker beside me.

"Hi!" He greeted.

I didn't respond and locked my locker.

"What a surprise! Our locker are just sitting beside each other." He said. "Hey, I didn't catch your name." He added.

I walked away and tried to avoid him, again. But, he followed.

"Since you won't tell me your name miss, I'll just call you... uhm... Messy."

What he named me Messy?! What kind of name is that?!

"Or, uhm..."

What?! You will think of another ugly name?!


Why are you naming me?!

"No, that's not right. How about Evil." He laughed.

I faced him and grab his jaw and tighten the grip. "My name is Evell! So stop naming with that ugly nicknames!" I shouted at him.


"So it's Evell, so you're really evil!" He laughed more while holding his jaw.

He kept on talking and talking! Then, I found our class room, but I didn't enter.

"Well I guess, I'll see you later!" He said and entered the classroom.

Well that's a relief. I guess I'll be skipping class today.


So how's the first chapter? I know it's not a lot, but I hope you'll still read the next few chapters.

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