Louis William Tomlinson

"Where are we going to set up camp?" I look at Logan, surveying the land, Harry, who has his hands in his pockets, and Zayn, a friend of mine.

"I think we should all do a sperate camp, covering more ground, therefore protecting us better." Logan advises.

"Cool, big words. So, I'll go thataway?" Zayn points a little to the east, and Logan nods, taking control. "See you in a bit, Louis?"

"Yeah. I've got to go find someone." Harry turns to me, eyebrows raised.  "Lo, can you help me set up my camp? I really gotta go find someone."

"Alright, you're going to poke your nose in shit you're not involved in, Lou. I know you too well." I shrug, running off in a different direction.

Luke fucking Hemmings where are you?

I suddenly pass him, shaking and obviously spooked. "Hemmings." I call, and his head snaps up to see me, leaning against a tree. "Spooked, much?"

"No-no. Just fine, what the fuck do you want?" He stutters, and  I walk over to him.

"An alliance." I say, like it's nothing. I snap my fingers, a small flame appearing on my fingers.


"You heard me.  An alliance."


"You are an ignorant asshole, cunt, and a little bitch."

"And. . ."

"That's all I got."

"Shut up."

"Fine, you have information. I have strategy. I hate you, but you're tolerable. I want you to tell me everything you know."

He stops, "In return?"

"I'll get Logan off your back."



Mission Accomplished.


     Logan Willow Tomlinson

                 "You're listening to me now." Hollis hisses, and I roll my eyes. "We're allies, remember? You're the good little girl, while I'm the boss." I laugh.

"Good girl? Eh, you're right about that." I shrug aimlessly, being all casual. "See, you don't know me well, Hol, because I'm just a walking façade. One thing you don't know about good girls, is that they never get caught."

"That may be true, but I know one thing that'll make you want to listen. Luke, my ex. Your asshole. We can team up to take him down." I stop dead in my tracks. "Made you rethink, didn't I? He can be taken down, just by the two of us."

I wouldn't be able to.

"Think about all the shit he's given you. You could just go like bang bang and poof! Luke Hemmings is fucking dead."

"Or you just want him back." I test, and her face doesn't even flinch. "It's obvious that you can't stand the thought of not having him by your side. The funny thing is, he knows that you're a little bitch." I reply bluntly , just putting it as it is. "Have fun destroying yourself." I call, and start to walk away.

It would be fun to get some revenge on him.

I keep walking until I hear muttering, and I'm pretty sure it's Luke's. It's a smart little camp, surrounded by tall trees with him and resources in the small clearing in the middle. I can see him, he's on his phone, and I quickly check if anyone else is in there.

Coast is cle

My thoughts are cut off by someone, I can't see their face, walk into Luke's camp.

"Hey Luke."


"Um, I'm sorta kinda sorry about what happened earlier." It's definitely a female voice, and on the outskirts of the trees, I'm not alone. "I just, fuck, I'm just sorry."

"It's cool, Per." I perk up at Perrie's nickname, and peer through the small space between the trees. Sure enough, it's Perrie and Luke standing there talking. "Sit?"

"Sure." She sits down next to him. "Have you seen Hollis?"

"She's been trying to get me back."

"And Logan?"

"I couldn't give less of a fuck about her."

"Neither could I."

What the actual fuck? I thought Perrie and I were friends.

She leans her head on his shoulder, and something inside of me erupts. "I really like you." She whispers, and my hair is now full on flames, as well as my hands.

I'm about to burn this whole fucking place down to the fucking ground.

"I like you too."

And. They. Kiss.

My insides literally cry out in pain and shock, seeing them kiss physically hurts. When did they ever become friends? Why did she sass him so well in the beginning, and now they're making out? What the fuck is happening? Everything is crashing down around me, brokenhearted a second time by the same asshole.

I throw my hands in the air, flames shooting out from them and lighting the tops of the trees.

"Stop!" Someone yells, but it's neither Luke or Perrie. I turn to my right and see Zayn, crossing his arms. "You saw everything, didn't you?"

"Yeah." Most of the trees have burnt down. "Did you?"

"Yes, I did. I can't lie, I'm beyond pissed."

"Perrie wasn't even yours to begin with."

"Neither was Luke, but you still have the hot tears streaming down your face."


"Would you like to get them back?"

"You don't even have to fucking ask."

"Good, because I've got a plan, and it's not going to be pretty."

"I'm listening."


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