Author's Note

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Written June 2010 - I should give some background to this story; I play World of Warcraft and after levelling three 80’s on the Alliance side I’d lost interest in levelling my 70 Draenei Priest and she was just sitting at Westguard Keep in Northrend while I PvP’d or levelled my baby Horde characters. I’d not levelled a Horde character through Northrend so decided to change factions with Shinos (from Alliance to Horde) and get back my enthusiasm for the final push to 80. For her Alliance friends, this is an explanation of what happened to her and where she disappeared to.

I’m not a Role Player, and I’ve not written a piece of creative writing since high school, and I only intended for this to be a short 2 page letter. By the time I realised that this was not going to be the case, I had already passed the point where I’d invested too much time in it to just throw it away. So I had to finish it. And I wanted to quickly as it was cutting into my WoW playing time ;)

Thanks to Blizzard for creating a world I love spending time in.

And thanks to you for having a look at it - I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable.


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