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Mia's POV

"What a day" Ross smiles, following me up the stairs with Ryder in his arms. It's 11pm and we only left Stormie and Marks twenty minutes ago.

"I would say so" I'm holding Riley in one arm and holding Robins hand with the other. "Go into your room, Mommy and Daddy will be there in a second" 

Our four year old nods and wonders into her bedroom. Luckily it's Saturday tomorrow so I don't have to attempt to wake her up in the morning. Ryder and Riley were asleep before 9pm so both me and Ross have had them had them in our arms for more then three hours. I reach Riley's crib and lay him down gently, I reach for the blanket my Mom knitted for him while I was pregnant. A special gift from her, that I will keep forever and hopefully it will get passed down from generation to generation. 

I lean over and kiss my baby's soft cheek before going over to Ryders small bed and kissing him too. Ross does the same and he turns their night light on as we leave the room. 

"I'll put Robin to bed" Ross smiles but I shake my head. 

"I'll do it, you go down stairs and put on a movie. I'll see you down there" I kiss his cheek and make my way to my daughters room. 

"You ready for bed?" I ask her. Robin stands in front of me in her Disney Princess pyjamas rubbing her eyes and yawning. "I'll take that as a yes, come on"

She follows me to the edge of her bed and when she climbs onto the mattress I tuck her in tightly with her favourite teddy bear. Which was mine when I was young. 



"Is Auntie Lucy having a baby?" She asks, her voice so innocent and quiet. Any moment she's going to fall asleep. 

"Yes sweetheart"

"Just like you did?" She only really remembers me being pregnant with Riley, even then it was hard to explain to her what was going on. 

"Yes, just like I did" 

"Are you having a baby like Auntie Lucy Mommy?" 

"No" I almost laugh. "Mommy's had her babies"

"But I want another one" 

"Well you can't have another one" I stand up and kiss her forehead lightly, her eyelids flutter and she mumbles something about  a baby before she falls asleep. 

The thought of another baby is a nightmare to me. Why can't anyone understand that I'm happy with my family. I don't want to change anything about that. 



"What movie have you picked?"

Before joining Ross down in the living room I decided to take a long hot shower and change into my favourite pair of floral pyjamas. It's been a while since me and Ross could have the evening alone together. Usually someone would come over or one of the kids wouldn't sleep. If not that then it would have been because me and Ross weren't together or because I wouldn't come out of my room.

"Romeo and Juliet" He smiles pulling me down onto his lap. "For you my dear" He says in a posh voice, handing me over a glass of wine. I thank him and take a sip, now this is what I love most. Knowing my children are sleeping soundly upstairs and sitting with my husband, enjoying our time together in our home.

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