Chapter 20

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It's been a while

I keep checking my phone if there's any messages from jake but no -.-

Sometimes when I'm bored i scroll our old conversation in Facebook ❤️ took me 2 hours to scroll to the very beginning XD

Been months since we confessed to each other and when we meet at school it's either I'll run away from him or he'll run away from me -.- were so shy omg haha

But honesty I felt sad whenever we see each other then run else where -.- it's like Facebook is the communication for us or phone yeah

To be honest I liked the old days where you confess using letters and give it to them personally or confess personally.. Isn't that romantic? But these days it's just confessing via internet no feel at all XD


Omg author san updated :D

Sorry if it's short :(

I'll update again tomorrow or the next day

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