Hiding what?

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Hi guys, just to let you know, D mall is known as the mall in Boracay for you who don't know :)

I hope you enjoy the next chapter.


My food came along and God I was thankful! We ate in peace, with the three adults talking.

My food was amazing and I loved it so much, PIZZA!!

Josh stared at me shocked.

"I've never seen a girl eat like that before."

Well, now you have"

I said.

When we were all done eating, I looked at my Dad who was having a conversation with Tita Maria and Mum, he looked at me and said, " let's go take a walk Car."

I nodded excitedly and jumped off my seat.

"Bye!" I said to the rest

My Dad and I walked around d mall, he bought me an ice cream because he knows my love for it. It also cooled me down when I was full of stress.

"So I see you don't really like the two guys?"

He asked

"Josh is ok, but Matt I really hate, he's so mean, he has no respect for girls--"

" Caroline, you must understand that they are in vacation, make them feel welcome."

"I am! It's just, how?"

"You know Car, sometimes you get angry for no reason, give them a chance."

"I gave them too many chances!"

"Car, just do it, I beg you."

I sighed "fine.."

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