New Year's Eve

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it was new year's eve wow we we're getting ready to leave to New York Cause Crystal has an Appearance on The New Years Rockin Eve to sing when the ball goes down on midnight. I'm kinda nerves for her even though i'm not performing infront of a Million people world wide. I know she's done this a Billion times but i just have this feeling that something is going to happen i don't know if it good or bad but something is going to happen.

C: Elsa are you ready to go

E: Yeah i am

I think Crystal could feel that i feel uneasy cause her face soften a bit & started walking twords me.

C: Elsa What's wrong...your not Pregnant are you

E What no i'm not Sis

C: *laughs* Ok good cause i would of beat Jack's ass if you were.....So

E: So what sis

C: What's Wrong with Elsa "princess of the badgirls"

E: With the Princess nothing but Elsa i-i don't know  just feel like something is going to happen in New York.....again

C: Elsa nothings going to happen i promise you nothing going to happen again

E: But sis i feel like we need to be careful this time while we're there

C: Ok Ok we will Elsa just take a breather ok

E: Yes sis i will. Is Everyone downstairs already

C: Well most of them Rap & Merida arn't here yet.

E: What are taking them so long.

C: I don't know but we should go.

E: Crystal 

C: Yes Elsa..

I wanted to tell her that i didn't want to go but this is my sister the one who raised us for 4 years now & made our parents pround of her & also is her first time Singing in the New Years Rockin Eve i can't miss that so i lied to her.

E: i can't wait to go to New York

C: Me 2 i can't believe it New York. I have to go back there but it's for fun the last time i was there i was tied up & kept hostage.

E: I know you always wanted to sing there for New Years, I know but we're not gonna think of that when we get there ok

C: I know & i'm singing mins, Sec Before the ball comes down

E: Yeah, You know their Proud of you 

C: Yeah i know. Now that i have my locket back their with me Always

J: *knock* Sorry to bug you but Punzie & Merida just got here

E: Thanks Jack

C: *sighs* Ready to go

E: Yeah lets go

J: Finally

C: What did you say

J: You heard me

C: You know your so lucky your my sister's boyfriend.

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