Chapter One. Dark

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Lillan was woken from an noise outside. She got up and looked out her window, she saw nothing but the mist climbing over the street walks while lights flicker in the darkness. Lillan sighed and mumbled to her self "Must be me again. I wonder if Zoey is awake" Lillan got down and went to the next room. The hallway was still dark but Zoey's door was a little open. Lillan looked through to see Zoey under her covers. "She must be asleep still..." Lillan went in and poked Zoey. "Zoey... I am scared. Please wake up." Zoey didn't respond to her. Lillan started to wonder if she was just deep sleeping. 

Lillan pulled the covers a little to see if she was there. But she just saw a pillow. Lillan pulled the covers off to see pillows and blood. Lillan screamed out but no one heard or came to see whats wrong. There was a piece of paper stuck to one of the pillow's.

"You're next Lillan Park."

Lillan paniced. She didnt understand what was happening so ran back to her room and hid under the covers. She hugged a teddy that was given to her by her sister when she was first born. Lillan started to mumble to herself again to calm down. "Lillan It's a dream. Lillan It's a dream." She finally closed her eyes.

She opened her eyes to be in a diffrent bed. The air was thin and the room was pich black... She sat up in horror and fear. She held her bear tightly hoping she would be fine.

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