Friendship With a style (amber)

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Hello Hindaway Island, I'm Amber Wefrea. I moved here a couple mouths ago, to get a way from my parents. There like bugs that just attack me all the time.

So I get a call from my friend Maria freckling out, she sounds like her dog died. "Hello?" I answered my phone. "Can I come over, to talk" Maria asked "sure, i love to talk to you"

So every one knows that Maria is not the best person to talk ... But, she's an old friend of mind and I would hate not to be there in her time of need."

Maria just walks in and hands me my mail. "Well i see you just forgot how to ring a bell" i told her "oh sorry honey, u know by know your my best friend so i thought it be ok" Maria told me . FIRST, MARIA IS NOT MY Bestfirend FRIEND . in my mail was a invite to Tina's pool party! "Are you going to Tina's pool partt? " i asked. "I didn't get a invite but I'll show up!" Maria said . this is why I don't like Maria that much she's always putting her self in problems, and then she comes to me and crys. I don't have time for that.

" So this girl Eva freaked out on me, and said that I was a back stabbing bitch "

Maria told me. " Maria ... Eva is one of my friends to. so i don't want hear you taking aBout her"

"Well just mock me... I didn't need you as a friend, cause you a hoe and a whore, die, and I'm just telling you the hole island will know your little secret."

My god this women has gone sick to her head, why would she do some thing so meAn and back stabbing.

"Eva, i think you and Tina and I should talk, its about Maria"

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