Four – Embarrassing  

“Rose, c’mon… it’s not like this is your first party,” Nick complained while he was lying on my bed as I was looking in my closet for something to wear tonight.

“But this is the first party he invited me. He has never invited me!” I shrieked.

“But you’ve been to parties of him before, remember? After every game our team has won, he would throw a party. So this won’t be the first time you’re going to his house,” Nick said annoyed. Without turning around to look at him, I knew he was rolling his eyes.

“You don’t get it,” I muttered.

“Huh, I do,” I heard him huff under his breath. Turning around, I raised an eyebrow at him. “What? Have you found something already?” he asked as he sat up.

“No,” I sighed, letting my shoulders down. “I can’t find something decent to wear.”

“Since when do you care this much how you look like? I mean, you always look good, no matter what you wear,” he told me.

“If you weren’t my best friend and I didn’t knew you better, I would say that you were flirting with me,” I pointed a finger at him, making him chuckle.

“Yeah, right Rose,” Nick grabbed a pillow from my bed and threw it at me. I caught it and held it tight to my chest. “And I was just stating the truth,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“And I was just kidding,” I stuck out my tongue at him and I threw the pillow back before I turned back around to my dilemma. “Should I wear a dress, a skirt or shorts?” I asked, my back facing Nick.

“Are you really gonna ask me that again? The last time you asked me and I suggested a skirt, you flipped on me all the way back home from the party that you weren’t fitting in,” he said with a higher voice than usual.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I couldn’t deny it, and he knew that. But we both knew that I was also too stubborn to admit that he was right.

“Whatever, Nick,” I waved my hand in the air as I tried to decide if I should go for my white summer dress with some lace or my dark denim shorts with my favorite white blouse without sleeves and the back was a little longer than the front. I picked both outfits from my closet and turned around to show it at Nick. “Which one?” I asked, holding my clothes up next to my face.

“Are you sure that you want me to pick one of them? Why don’t you go ask your mom?” he asked as I gave him a look. “Where’s Ellie when you need her?” I heard him mumble before he took a deep breath and blew it as he stood up from my bed. “Alright… I say… that one,” he said as he pointed at the white dress.

“Okay, perfect,” I smiled and turned around to put the dress back.

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