This is a continuation of 'How Could You' Part Five The Final Part :3

You paced the floor you were nervous it's been a while since you've seen him and you didn't know what to expect. Harry Was on his way to your flat to pick you up. Niall knew nothing about this and for your sake your hoped it stayed that way.

Your phone rang and you instantly picked up not looking at the caller ID

"Hello" You nervously said You could hear someone chuckled on the line you looked at your phone and saw Harry's name across the screen you sighed in relief.

"I'm outside Y/N care to let me in?" He asked you you were about to say something but then you heard some one talking in the background you couldn't really hear the person's voice because it was muffled you could hear Harry telling the person to shut up though you laughed.

"Who is that ?" You asked him and you could hear shuffling and then the car door slamming.

"Sorry Y/N um what'd you say?" He asked and you shrugged it off

"Nothing never mind Come On Up i'll buzz you in right now." You informed him hanging up the phone you hurriedly fixed your hair even though you knew Harry wouldn't care if you were looking a complete mess you just haven't seen him in awhile and you were excited you and him were the closest out of the other relationships you had with the other boys besides Niall. You clicked the button buzzing him in and going to put some shoes on.

This is it you were finally ready to try to forgive him to he happy again. You started to clean up a bit knowing that he'll be knocking on the door any second now. While you were making the bed you heard a knock on the door. You smiled widely before going to the door you were greeted by Harry he looked so different his hair was longer and there were only small curls he had a headband kinda scarf on it he was smiling his dimples were deep he looked good. (Not that you were interested c'mon he's your best friend) you didn't hesitate to pull him in for a long hug as your smile grew wider after what felt like for ever you let go of him.

"I missed you so much Y/N" He told you.

"Me too harry" You agreed with him.

"Ready to go?" He asked and you nodded joining him out in the hallway closing the door you smiled at him one more time before following him outside the breeze was cool you wrapped your arms around yourself. You got into the car and ended up falling asleep.

~Two Hours Later~

It took awhile but you finally pulled up at You & Niall's Shared Flat It seems like you haven't been there in years When it's only been about 8 months. You took your seat belt off Taking a deep breath You felt harry's hand on your shoulder you looked up at him you were so nervous.

"I'm so scared Harry What if he doesn't love me anymore? Would if he's angry at me for leaving so long? would if he doesn't want to be with me anymore?" You questioned and harry shook his head.

"Y/N You have nothing to worry about I'm sure Niall Still want's you and would never be angry with you." Harry reassured you and you nodded.

"Thanks Harry." You smiled and he smiled back at you.

"No problem Y/N Call me if you need anything." He told you and you nodded leaning over to give him a quick hug you let go and got out of the car and walked towards the door you looked in your purse hoping that you had the key still. You did You stuck the key into the door Looking at Harry one more time before entering the house You could hear Harry's Car Pull off You closed the door putting your keys back into your purse You turned around and Your Eyes Widened Just as your phone Dinged indicating that you had a text message you took your phone out Looking to see it from Harry.

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