May 11th, 2011: Sob's First Steps

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"Woah there cruiser! Come back here!"

Cry chuckled as he walked behind Sob who was on the run, or crawl that is. Across the room towards the door where Felix had went into to record.

"C'mere you little stinker." He laughed picking up the little one.

"Dada! Dada!" Sob laughed while reaching at the door. "Papa!"

"You wanna go in to play games with Papa?" Cry asked.


"Hmm...alright, he's just playing co-op with Minx, Ken, and Seananners."

Ryan quietly opened the door and already heard the frustrated Swedish of his lover. He slowly walked up behind the swede, seeing on the top screen was his three friends on Skype. Seeing how they couldn't do the simulations as a group anymore it made sense why.

Minx noticed off of Pewds camera the two in the background and grinned. "Hey pewds let's cut this session short, I gotta go help Krism." She lied.

Ken and Adam looked up from their games seeing cry and sob in the back of pewd's screen. "Oh yeah we gotta go too."

"Oh uhm alright, see ya guys later then." Pewds said ending the skype call.

Cry walked up closer and lifted Sob over Felix's head into her lap and wrapped his arms around the two of them.

"Hey babe." Cry purred resting his head on pewd's shoulder.

Pewds jumped slightly at first then realized the culprit. "Oh it's just you...don't scare me like that."

Ryan chuckled and kissed his cheek. "Papa! Papa!" Sob said putting her fist in her mouth.

"Hey sweetie." Felix laughed lightly, kissing her on the head.

"She wanted in, cruising down the hall at the door." Ryan sat moving to pick sob up and sit with his legs to the side on Pewds lap.

"Oh really? Well I hope you mean crawling cause I wanna be there for the first steps.." Felix rubbed small circles on Ryan's back while moving sob's fist from her mouth.

"Well let's test drive the little feet then." Ryan said setting Sob on the floor placing her on her feet. He carefully held her hands as he stop up behind her for support.

"Careful Ryan...don't rush her.." Felix said sliding his chair to get a clear view.

The American Father moved a few steps farther away from his Swedish lover and turned himself and his daughter around.

"Princess?" Sob looked up, upon hearing her nickname. "Where papa?"

She laughed, "Papa!" She kicked her foot out as if to point at him.

"That's right, here I am, come to me Sob!" Felix laughed.

Cry moved his arms out slowly, hoping it would get her to move.

She wobbled a bit and tugged at her father's hands but she slowly moved one foot forward. Then slid the other across the floor to stand next to it.

"That's it princess, come on!" Felix encouraged.

She giggled and gained more confidence in her helped steps.

After a few more steps, Ryan slowly let go. He was careful not to make her lose balance.

"Come on honey! You can do it!"

She giggled and tried taking a quick step forward.


She stumbled backwards right onto her bosom.

The two parents were about to run over and help her up before she started crying. But she stopped them by slowly pushing herself off the ground.

"Papa!" She huffed once up. Taking faster steps from her wobbly legs till she could grasp onto his leg.

Ryan slowly let out a breathless laugh, then laughed louder. Felix picked her up and kissed her cheeks. "Good job baby girl! Good job!!"

"Papa! Papa!" She giggled and tried wiggling from his hold. "Dada! Dada!"

Felix sat her back onto the ground as she wobbled quickly back over to Ryan who scooped her up after just four steps.

"Now your officially a full on trouble making cruiser!"

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