Chapter 3 Discover

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Today we went over to the boys house. We were talking for awhile until Brittany asked if she could talk to Beau. I heard her say sorry, I'll ask her about it later. After the two came back to sit down I remembered something.

"Hey Jai I forgot to ask, you look really familiar but I can't put my finger on where I've seen you before." I questioned.

"Well the boys and a couple of friends of ours have a pretty popular YouTube channel." Jai suggested.

"Dude she said you look familiar it's probably from when you were with Ariana." Luke said in a duuh tone.

"Ariana Grande? Wait I've heard of you guys, you were on the radio back home, the janoskians?" Brittany realised.

I kind of blocked out the whole thing after the realisation that Jai went out with Ariana Grande, Ariana fucking Grande. She's beautiful and talented, I remember hearing she cheated on him with that guy from that boy band. I was attracted to a guy who went out with a girl who is absolutely gorgeous, might as well just give up now if that's his type.

"Claudia. Claudia! CLAUDIA!" Brittany was snapping her fingers in front of me.

"Hmmm?" I zoned back into reality.

"Luke just asked if you wanna come up with me and him and watch some of their videos?" She asked.

"Nah I'll stay with Jai and Beau."

"Ok let's go." Luke grabbed Brittany and took her upstairs. I'm surprised she didn't pull back.

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