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I dance not caring whose crothch area or body I'm grinding to, the music blaring through the speakers making me feel as though I'm alone.

Sweaty bodies, grinding at each other, the scent of alcohol, overfilling my nostrils.

"Hey, Z come over here bitch" B's annoying voice screams from the couch.

"What do you fucking want?" I shout back in annoyance, I am still enjoying grinding my ass to this drunk guy I have no idea whom.

"Let's play games"

"Boring" I say and kept on moving my hips.

Someone pulls me out of the guys arms making me whimper.

"I was still dancing, Fuck you" I groan in annoyance as Louis pushes me down the couch. 12 pair of eyes looking at me, some not even familiar to me.

"Calm down, bitch" Barbara aka B squeaks at me, and I just rolled my eyes.

"So we're finally complete, Let's play 7 minutes in heaven" Harry exclaims with his squeeky voice, I swear I can sense his gay.

"Lame" I grimace.

"Can you just shut your mouth Z" Louis screams, the other gay, They won't say anything, but obviously they're both homodsexuals.

"We already have all the names here, get one" I stick my hand in and pulled out a piece of paper in the red cup.

"Harry" I read.

"Louis" Lily reads the paper she got from the blue cup.

Louis and Harry looks at each other with so much lust in their eyes, it's really disgusting to be in the middle of them.

They both stand up, Niall leading them to one of the walk-in closets in the house.

"They obviously planned this both, I thought it is suppose to be from the opposite sex?" I mutter under my breath and stood up but my arm was abruptly pulled down by B.

"Never have I ever" L says with a smirk plastered on her face, as she puts down 1 bottle of vodka and 11 shot glasses on the table.

"never have I ever kissed someone from the same sex" Lily follows.

"Oh goodie, I'm going to be more drunk than I will ever be." I say sarcastically, as I down the liquid through my throat.

"Zayn" Lily calls.

"Never have I ever, slept with anyone while currently dating someone" Zayn says bitterly giving a glare in my direction.

So he is still crying about what I did to him, huh?.

Zayn is my ex boyfriend for almost a year, he has stayed loyal to me, while I fuck different dudes every week whenever he's out. He was kind of boring okay? And I have my needs.

When he found out what I was doing, at first he forgave me but then the bad girl inside me wakes again so I kind of make out with a guy, in front of him. He was humilated of course, he was known to be a playboy, and according to rumors I actually changed him. but it looks like I am the one who cant be tamed.

I roll my eyes and once again drank from my glass, all of them looking at me weirdly.

"What ? Let's be honest here guys, It's thrilling I swear" I laugh, receiving an icy glare from Zayn once more. 

"Never have I ever, experienced vanilla sex" I say with a smile in my face, no one out of countless guys I have dated, have been soft to me; even Zayn.

They all drank from their glasses Boring people, I shake my head, how is having soft sex pleasurable?

After 5 more rounds of drinking and asking, We got tired. We play this like every week, It's too damn exhausting now; to be honest.

"Looks like Louis and Harry won't be coming out of the closet anytime soon" I say adding a little pun and they laugh, because everyone in our peer group can sense their liking for each other. Well they pretty much look at each other like they're undressing themselves in their heads.

"So Who's gonna be next?" Barbara asks looking at everyone in our drunken circle. He picks up the cup containing the girls names and gets a piece of paper.

"Zyreena" She says and I sigh, crossing my finger hoping that it's not Zayn, because He would literally beg to be back together, or if not He'll probably kill me.

I put my hands inside the boys' cup and get a paper, opened it and read the name out loud.

"Calum" I say with a slur voice, Who the hell is Calum? I look around the crowd of 10, spotting a guy with a dark colored hair beside Zayn. Zayn whispers something to him and he stands up.

I don't even know him, but he looks hot. Looks like someone's getting laid tonight. I smirk to myself following him to the private bathroom of the club. 


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