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"Z, A little party killed nobody" My best mate Harry exclaimed from the phone, the noise from his background, making me deaf.

"Shut up Styles, no matter what you do or say, I'm not coming ever." I say in the phone.

"You used to be the one hosting this parties, they really changed you, my dear" He says with his gay voice, thankful that the noise behind him is dying down.

"Don't mention the past now please and I told you to never call me Z again" I shout in irritation, rolling my eyes.

He was inviting me to this club party, that him and his boyfriend Louis set up, to celebrate them finally getting together. Well at least someone got things their way.

I slayed parties back then, but something happened which made me despise partying than anything before, it all happened one Friday night in June, after the final exams.  my friends set up a party as a celebration for completing senior year. Booze, Smoking, dancing, making out,a club kind of party.

I met and kind of played around with 4 good looking bad boy/punk boys from australia, and never have I thought that the tables will turn and I am really the one who was the IT in our game in the the first place.


this has been in my drafts for months, and now I think is the time I should post it ;) Enjoy xx

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