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"Luke..." I heard my name being whispered softly but I ignored it as it was probably just vibrations in my ears. "Luke wake up." I only groaned in response until I felt something shift on my lap and a thud on the ground. My eyes flew open at the sight of Elizabeth on the ground.

"Thanks a lot, asshole." It was Elizabeth, that girl had the sarcasm of Lorde.

"Shit, are you okay?" I asked, rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand because everything was still blurry.

"Besides the bruise I could feel forming on my back? Yeah." She answered sarcastically, I only scoffed at her sarcasm but helped pull herself up.

"Damn," I retorted. "Lay it down on the sarcasm. What time is it?"

"It's two in the morning," She said making my eyes open wide. "You fell asleep like half an hour ago and I tried to get off you but you basically trapped me."

"Fuck," I cursed. "My mom is going to kill me." She started bursting into laughter which confused me.

"Don't worry about it," She waved me off. "My mom called yours and she said you fell asleep cause you were tired and your mom didn't want you walking or driving home at midnight so.."

"Are you sure?" I asked. "I don't want to trouble you or your mom or anything."

"Dude it's fine," She shot me a smile. "I'm pretty sure my mom loves you more than me. We have a guest room so you can wank off by yourself."

"Bitch," I snorted at her snide comment making her chuckle. "Ugh, I'm so tired."

"Let's get you to bed then, sleepyhead."

She took me upstairs and because it was completely dark, I ended up tripping on one of the steps which made her laugh. Couldn't blame me though, I was too tall.

"This is the guest room," She said as she opened a bedroom door. "The bathroom is connected to my room so if you need anything just barge through. There's also clothes in the drawer, they were my brother's -- yeah they'll fit you."

"Thanks, again." I said giving her a quick hug. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Luke." She sighed before walking into her room and closing the door swiftly.

The guest room was pretty cool, it had hanging lights and dark blue walls and the floor was carpeted in black. As if it was a guy's dream room. There were several posters of legendary bands which was great. I walked over to one of the drawers like she said and pulled out a short -- a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- t shirt.


/ elizabeth /

Would it be strange if I was studying his features while he was sleeping? His hair was flat and adorable -- it was long too which I wasn't surprised considering when he quiffed it, it was a head taller than me. His lips were pursed and his eyebrows and nose scrunched together, it was the cutest thing.

I was tucked in my blankets wearing an oversized shirt and cotton fabric shorts. I turned to my side to look at my alarm clock and it read 3.15am, I sighed looking up at the glow in the dark stars I put up when I was younger. I stared out the window looking at nothing but the flickering street lights and drawn curtains from other houses.

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the bathroom door open, maybe Luke just needed to pee? I went back to staring at the flickering lights when I heard footsteps coming closer to where I was laying. "Elizabeth?" It was Luke. I didn't budge, I was too nervous to turn around. "Hey, are you awake?"

He was kneeling on my bed because I could feel the dip from the mattress, deciding to scare him -- I turned around quickly causing him to startle and crash on the floor. "Oh my gosh!" I started bursting into hysterics, trying to soften my laughter by clamping my hand over my mouth. I peeked my head over the bed to see Luke who was on the floor, glaring at me.

"Why would you do that?" He whisper-yelled, getting up.

"Karma's a bitch now ain't it?" I teased, referring back just moments ago when he pushed me off his lap.

He scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest. I was super glad it was dark because I had no make up on and I probably looked like something that came out of The Ring.

"Sometimes I don't understand how I put up with you." He scoffed making me laugh harder.

"You love me," I pouted. "Now what do you want?"

He had his hands behind his back and started rocking back and forth on his heels. "Do you think I could sleep with you tonight -- Shit, not like that but you know, sleep in the same bed."

My cheeks were burning from his question, he was too adorable. "Aw," I cooed. "Did Lukey dearest have a nightmare?"

"What -- No." He scoffed, making me raise an eyebrow. "Well I'm trying to prevent from getting one..."

"You're such a man, Luke." I chuckled, flipping the blanket so he could get in and he didn't hesitate to do so. "Hop in."

"Can we cuddle?" He asked as if he was ashamed he had to ask.

"Whoa there," I joked. "Favors already? Do you need me to be the big spoon so you won't get scared?"

"Oh my god," He whined. "People have bad nights okay, stop trying to demasculate me. I'm a man."

"You were never masculine in the first place, Luke." I stated, poking his rib. He groaned before pulling me into him, his legs tangled with mine and his arms were wrapped tight around my waist.

"Elizabeth," He sighed. "Just shut up and cuddle."


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