What Is To Come?

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After Ash had cancelled his trip to Kanto, he was questioning himself. He did it whenever he had alone time, Serena was always able to tell if something was wrong and Ash didn't want her to know about his dilemma. He had no idea how he could become a Pokemon Master. He didn't want to leave Serena, but he wanted to fufill his dream. He was thinking of battling the Elite Four and the Champion to become the best in Kalos, but then he would have to stand in a room all day, battling trainers who had the same dream. It would be illogical. He wanted people to follow their dreams, but if he was the best, other trainers would have to suffer defeat. He had thought of taking Serena, Clemont and Bonnie with him, but Clemont was a gym leader and Bonnie wanted to become a Pokemon Breeder. He wasn't entirely sure if Serena would mind though. But if she did go with him, where would the next region be? He had already explored all the regions so far and he hadn't heard any news from the keen eyed Professor Oak. If he tried going back to regions, he wouldn't grow stronger because he had already beat all the gym leaders. Getting stronger was his goal! 

Serena anxiously knocked on Ash's door. She knew something was up with him. He never missed dinner, especially if Clemont was cooking! Things had been really awkward since they went to the airport, and she wanted to put the silence to rest. She heard flustered noises in Ash's room. He opened the door and smiled. "Hi Serena! What's up?"

"You missed dinner. That isn't like you. Are you ok?" She nervously asked.

Ash told her about his problem and she felt guilty. "I'm sorry. It's my fault you are having all these problems."

"No, it's not."

And with that he mumbled a good night and closed the door in her face. Serena definitely knew there was something worse going on than he had told her. She figured he needed more adventure, and she knew exactly where she could find that.... in Lumiose City! 

The next day she convinced the gang to go to Lumiose City. They arrived later in the gorgeous and busy city. Serena was very jumpy. She knew something was bound to happen. But by the afternoon, the only thing exciting that had happened so far was watching a Combee fly past a tree. Then Bonnie suggested going to Lysandre Cafe. It was a red, chic hangout for trainers alike. The only fault was the owner, Lysandre. They were eating at a table when he came up to them and asked if they belived the world is a dark place and they want it to be more beautiful. Bonnie shook her head and replied that their world is the best. Lysandre gave her a scowl, Clemont put his hand on Bonnie's shoulder and wispered something in her ear. She started sneezing. "I'm sorry, Bonnie is allergic to this flower on the table. We have to go now."

Lysandre sulked away. They left the cafe and walked down one of the alleys. "What a creepy man," Bonnie giggled, "He thinks the world isn't beautiful. But if he just looked around he'd see that everything here is amazing!"

Ash agreed and turned to face where he was walking. Light flashed from the end of the gloomy alley and he gasped when a pink-crystal part rock Pokemon appeared in front of him. He staggered backwards and Serena lightly put her arm on his back to keep him steady. Her touch sent shivers down his back. She asked who the Pokemon was and it talked back! It said it was called Princess Diancie and she positioned into a position as if he was going to kiss her hand. Clemont did instead and looked to Ash with suggestive eyes. "Wow she's a PRINCESS Ash! Isn't that awesome!?" Ash then realised she must have been raised by royalty, making her have habits like this. He then kissed her hand as well. She then asked them all if they could "perhaps" help her find Xerneas and Yveltal. Bonnie then raised her hand. "Oh! Isn't that the Pokemon I saw at summer camp in the woods? Xerneas?" 

"How would I know if you have seen Xerneas?"

She said that Yveltal had awakened from a 3000 year sleep and it was causing destruction in her country, the Diamond Ore Country. Yveltal had left her country soon after and was heading towards the inhabited parts of Kalos to cause more disaster. It's signature move, Obvilion Wing, could turn living creatures into stone. Xerneas was, at that moment, sleeping. Xerneas was it's opposite. It could bring things to life. Diancie's goal was to find Xerneas and get it to stop Xerneas. She had heard of an underground forest where Xerneas sleeps in peace, where the flowers grow eternally and there is no winter or cold. The trees loom over the creatures who refuge in the forest of peace. That is where she was heading.

They agreed to help her, because that is what Ash usually did! Helping others was his code. They then set out on the quick trip to the Lumiose Badlands.

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