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One week came by so fast. I admit things had gotten quite far ever since that unanticipated discovery of the secret hacker society. Damn. Cairo decided for me to stay under the radar as of the moment to protect my life as well as their institution. He said I must be extra careful while they are still not able to figure out the next step. Considering that I just got myself involved in an underground agenda, I guess there's still more in store for me in the coming days.

It's a glorious Saturday morning and I lay comfortably cocooned in the nest of heavenly pillows and bedsheets. I could hear the chirping of the birds outside, the hearty giggles of the early kids playing along the street, the sounds lulling me more into sleep. The golden kiss of the sun slips through the spaces between the thick velveteen curtains and hits my bare skin. Damn this feels so good.. Screw the schoolworks! I NEVER WANNA GET UP.

I'm used to spending my weekends alone in my cozy bed and just wake up to Mondays. It's not really like I have friends to hang out with during Saturday nights and I'm too lazy to get up anyway.

I was blissfully dreaming of fluffy bed of clouds and soft feathers and pillowy cushions when the direct rays of the sun suddenly blanketed my room. The warm light almost hurts my eyes though I'm keeping them shut.

"Gods, Montage, close the curtains this instance!" I grumbled from my half-awakened existence.

I knew it was Montage who swiped away the thick velveteen curtains that protectively prevent the sunlight from penetrating my room. My dark realm has been destroyed! Thanks to you, Montage!

"I am the most sorry, milady, but your mother has ordered me to wake you up." There is an evident tone of remorse in his voice and I believe him.

"Fine, I'll be down in five minutes." I muttered grudgingly as Montage bowed down and exited my room.

But what does Mom need this time?! Goddamit. The interruption of my sweet slumber better be important. This is unforgivable. Rats.

I reluctantly rolled out of bed and didn't even mind brushing my hair or getting out of my pajamas. Hell, they must be grateful I even decided to get up!

I bailed out of my room and walked into the empty hallway----as empty as always. I took my time making my way down, not minding if Mom's waiting for me downstairs or what. Let them wait for me. At least in this way, I could compensate for the loss of my precious time sleeping.

Just as I walked into the steps of the grand staircase, I immediately felt something wrong in the settings. Something lively doesn't belong here.


Oh no. Oh no please tell me not.. Oh no no no.. OH FVCKING NO!

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU FREAKING DOING HERE, RUTHIE?" I gasped in disappointment as I saw Ruthie running towards me with a big smile flashed across her face.

"It's nice to see you too, Dakota!" She bounced back and forth, obviously thrilled to see me. The same doesn't go for me though.

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