what if

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its all just a game right?

you steal my stuff and call me names and watch me as I plead for it back.

you laugh in my face and drop it on the ground in front of me leaving me to pick everything up.

what if I told you I wanted to be dead

what if I told you I dream of hanging from a rope

what if I told you that at 3 am I sit in my bed crying hysterically while you are asleep dreaming innocent dreams

what if I told you that you were the reason for all that.

what would you say

what would you do?

but the thing is

I will never tell you what is in my mind

I don't even tell my family

I'm in my own little dark tunnel

and I'm the one who has to find the light

but if I don't.

and you come to school on a Wednesday morning and the teacher tells you that I was found hanging from a rope

you were the reason

you murdered me

you killed my soul slowly

you are why I'm dead

but it was all just a fun game...right?

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