Walking home. ..

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Julie was quietly sitting down at the bus stop waiting for the midnight bus when here mum called.

''Come home now! It's late.HURRY!'' screamed her mum, from the other side of the line.

Instead of waiting for the bus that was not even near, she began to walk home.As soon as she took the first three steps to her house a black vauxhall started to slowly follow her.She walked faster and faster untill she had to run.The car was at full speed chasing her.She took a quick glance ocer her shoulder only to see two men reaching to stop her.She was stopped.

She turned around and saw both men with scars across there faces.They chained her to a near by tree stepped back and began to sing....

'' #Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you.....# ''

''Oh no.It's not even on key...''

Julie said, strugglibg her way out of the chains.

Eventually she was released.

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