After Scott used Stiles phone to call Allison, the three of us took off at a run to meet up with her in the lobby like agreed upon. Scott burst through the double doors first and Stiles and I followed him a bit slower thanks to our human speed. Allie came jogging in the opposite doors just as we entered and my brother ran over to her immediately.

“Why did you come? What are you doing here?” Scott asked his girlfriend quickly with panic lacing his voice as he approached in the middle of the lobby.

“Because you asked me to.” Allison answered him as if it was obvious as she looked at him with confused eyes and Stiles and I shared a concerned glance from behind the couple.

“He asked you to?” I asked my friend as I stepped up to stand beside Scott and Allison frowned at me slightly as she reached into her jacket pocket. She pulled out her phone before clicking a few buttons and then turning it around so that we could all see the message.

Meet me at the school. URGENT –Scott

“Why do I get the feeling you didn't send this message?” Allison asked him in concern as she lowered her hand now that we had all read the message.

“Because I didn't.” Scott told her as he looked into her deep brown eyes so that she didn’t have any doubts but I still saw the slight frown that played on her lips.

“Did you drive here?” Stiles asked her as he looked around the room for any signs of the Alpha.

“Jackson did.” Allie replied to him and my head snapped back around at the sound of my best friend’s name. I didn’t want Jack involved in all the werewolf drama and here he was right in the freaking middle of it.

“Jackson's here too?” I asked in a cry as I looked at Allison for confirmation that my best friend’s life was now in danger.

“And Lydia. What’s going on? Who sent this text?” Allison asked us all in a terrified voice just as her phone started to ring and the three of us who knew what was really happening looked around to make sure the noise didn’t attract unwanted attention. Allie put her phone to her ear as she answered it and I bit my lip nervously.

“Where are you?” she asked into the phone and I put my hand on the small of her back to comfort her when I heard the panic lacing her voice. The set of double doors to the left of us jerked open and I jumped at the sudden movement in my peripheral vision.

Lydia stalked into the room with Jack following behind her and I felt the tears spring to my eyes because my friends were in immediate danger but didn’t let them fall now when I needed to be strong.

“Finally.” Lydia said us in a mixture of relief and boredom as we all looked over at the door they had entered through.

“Sophie?” Jackson asked rhetorically when he saw me there with Allison, Stiles and Scott. He and Lydia walked further into the room to join us and I smiled at them from my spot next to Allison. Scott and Stiles were still looking around the lobby nervously so they missed the sneer Jackson sent their way. “What did these jackasses get you into now?”

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