"Pregnant? Your pregnant? " Eddie asks as we climb into the car. We stood in the doctors office waiting room for over fifteen minutes before Eddie convinced me to move my feet.

"Yes." Is all i can manage to get out.

"How far along? " He asks.

"Ten weeks." I say.

"Shit. Are you going to tell him?"

"I have to." I whisper.

Once we get home, i go straight to my room. I plug in my headphones and play the Dixie chicks. I cant believe this. I didn't want kids until I was married. And im not going to marry Dean. I'm not.

After a little while I stop crying and start to think this isn't so bad after all. I'm asking myself all kinds of questions what am I going to name it if its a boy? What am I going to name it girl? I start thinking of all kinds of names for girls because I really want a girl. Lydia? Lena? Ariel? Oh but what if its a boy? Ethan? Matthias oh or, Stiles?

The more i think about this, the more excited i become. The thing im worried about most is Telling Dean.

A few days past, and it's my last day of college. Im graduating tomorrow. I walk to my truck, and climb in, throwing my cap and gown into the passenger seat. We've had rehersals for the past week for graduation, and I'm exhausted.

I drive home, to notice Eddie isn't there. I decide to make me some Ramen noodles, cause im starving.

I know that i should be worried about telling Dean about our little baby, but I'm so stoked about graduation. I of course have to go shopping for a dress, because mine all are getting a bit tight, and I want something new. This is a big deal for me.

Once I'm done eating, I grab my jacket and toms and slide them on. I walk out and quickly get to my truck and start the engine, turning the heat on full blast.

As i go to pull out after the truck is warm, im startled by a knock on the window.

"Shit Malia." I say as I roll down the window.

"Where you going?" She questions

"Get a dress for graduation."

"Mind if I come?"

"Sure, where's Brook?"

"With her dad."

Well pull into the parking lot of the mall, hoping out of the truck. We hurry into the mall, due to the cold weather.

We go into Macy's and Malia pulls a couple dresses off the rack, throwing them my way.

"I need a size bigger. " I say and place them back onto the rack. She looks in confusion, but pulls the next size off the rack. A red one, A Navy blue one, A Light pink one, and a tan one..

I go into the dressing room, putting on the pink one first. Its a tight one, hugs the curves of my body, in a nice way. Thank god my baby bump hasn't began to show yet, but i have gained a little weight. Mostly in the chest and thighs. This dress has sleeves that stop at the elbow, and stops just above my knees.

"I love it!" Malia says as i exit the dressing room.

"Me too, but i wanna try in the others." The next one i try on is he Tan one.

This one is only tight around the chest, and flows out below and stops just below the knees. I dont like this one. I leave the dressibg room and Malia Agrees.

I go back in, and put on the blue one. This one is strapless, and basically the same as the tan one. Last but not least, i put on the red one. This one is perfect. Its tight around the chest and a little tight the rest of the way down, but it doesn't cling to my body, it flows out a little bit. Its lace at the top, just above my boobs, and my shoulders and half way down my back. It has a black belt around the waist. It's the one.

As i walk out of the dressing room, Malia smiles and agrees with me. I take the dress off, and go in to put my jeans, toms, shirt and Jacket back on.

"I need new make up and Shoes too." I say as we walk into the shoe depot. I grab a pair of black heels, with bows on the toes, which are open. I decide to get these and pay for them, walking to one of the little Make up stands placed in the middle of the mall. I get some eye shadows, that can also be turned onto eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss and nail polish. For Mascara and Eyeliner you just add water. for the lip gloss you just add clear lipgloss, and for the nail polish you just mix it with clear nailpoish. I get a sparkly black, hot pink, A few Browns and some grey.

Im excited tk get home, and watch a movie with Malia. She's a good person, and good company, and a good sister, but she just keeps to herself. After the movie, and 3 bowls of popcorn, a few liters of soda, and good conversation, she decides to go home. And I'm glad. I just want some alone time, to take a bath and relax. After my bath, i see thats it's 9:30 and i have to be up at 6:30 a.m., so i decide to go lay down. As i curl up in bed, i hear the front door shut, which tells me Eddie's home. He yells he's home, confirming my thoughts and I'm asleep shortly after.

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