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- I really, really need WiFi. I'm about to die-

Finally the day had ended. When the bell rang Damian had kept from his seat literally sprinting out the classroom. what was wrong with him.

Right now I'm just walking home with Hayley, she's coming over today. Why was everyone calling Damian the bad boy or player? I still don't understand he seems fine and I hardly see him round school. I'll ask Hayley about it later.

As we walked I found out more about Hayley like how she has 2 brothers, one the same age as her, obviously a twin, and one younger. Or how her natural hair colour was brown like mine but darker so like chocolate.... I wonder if it was edible then too?

I pushed the key into the lock and turned it, unlocking the door. I yelled to see if anyone was home but there was no answer. I felt dissapointed I guess, I only see mum and Phoenix in the morning.

I coughed slightly to stop myself crying, I hoped I was stealthy enough so that Hayley wouldn't notice. But I guess I wasn't because when I looked up she was looking at me with sad eyes. We walked into the house and shut the door. She then pulled me into a warm comforting hug, I tensed slightly but wrapped my arms around her waist. We pulled apart and looked at each other for a while before she picked up my hands gently and said " I need to tell you something. "

I panicked what did she mean?! did she like me? was she going to tell me she did? was her becoming my friend a bet? what's going on?

I nodded and led her to the lounge. we picked out a film to watch, I'll tell you what happens.

Basicly there's a wife and she's brutally murdered my some sick minded thing, all her kids die apart from one, the dad looks after that kid but then the kid gets kidnapped. While the dads looking for his son he meets some crazy lady who has a short memory. The son meets some guys who are defiantly high as Fuck. Then he is about to die but gets saved.

guess what it is yet? no? it's Nemo.

during the film I told Hayley I was going to make dinner. I walked into the kitchen thinking of what she was going to tell me. I made dinner, which was spaghetti bolognaise, and walked back into the lounge to watch the rest of the film which wasn't much.

At the end we got up and went to the kitchen to start eating. I decided to ask what she ment now.

"Hey, what did you want to tell me?" I asked

" oh um, promise you won't freak out? and you'll still be my friend?"

" I promise" I said leaning over the table to do the pinky swear.

"i-i um, I don't like guys, I only like them as friends" she told me. Relief washed over me when she said that.

" And I'm gay" I said beaming. She looked at me in disbelief and said " No Way!" in a sarcastic tone.

I looked at her and Asked " is it that obvious?"

"well you keep staring at my br-Damian, keep staring at Damian" she corrected herself.

After dinner she left saying by and giving me a hug. Once she left I sighed as I trudged into the kitchen cleaning out plates and cups, then slumped up the stairs and plopped onto my bed with ease. I sighed once more thinking about today events before getting into my pyjamas, climbing into bed and drifting off to sleep.

It's been a month and 3 weeks, almost 2 months since school had started. Everything went so slow, life was just slow in general.

Hayley and I decided to go to my house every Friday and hers every Saturday.

I've met her little brother he's called Andy short for Andrew, he has a different dad to Hayley and her twin. So Andys name was Biersack-Williams, why it's not just Williams or Biersack I do not know. But its pretty cool like that mine should be Skyler Rogers-Green.

Andy is absolutely adorable, he's 5 years old and loves the colour peach.

-I think that's a colour-

The only thing that bugs me is that Andy and Hayley won't tell me who their other brother is. Hayleys' parents are called Jay Williams and Dani Winter-Bates.

But you know its just Jay and Dani.

I've hung out with Maxx quite a lot too. he's really kind and he's also.... gay. His last name is Piskova, he's from Spain but somehow never tans although when I met his family I was confused because his dad sounded Irish and his mum sounded well, Spanish.

Then there was Damian. All I found out over the weeks about him is that no one knows his last name. He's also I guess yeah.... a player. 2 years ago something happened causing him to smoke and sleep with almost everyone in school, just not including the guys. Only 1 guy has been targeted by Damian and that's a boy called Blake Meads. He moved school, no one knows why.

The only reason I know all this is because of a kid in my English class Called Harry, Harry styles. He's not to much of a popular lad but he kinda is but isn't? He knows a lot and now we're mates, he has friends but he wants to 'get to know Hayley and I better' before he introduces us to the rest of the lads.

*** Sorry I just had to >,< sorry if you don't ship Larry but there will be 1 Direction in this. I'm not a big fan I'm more into Alternative Rock. maybe 5 Seconds Of Summer could be in this too?*** even thought no ones read this story or anything IU :*

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