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" SKYL-" I heard someone start to shout but I hit them before they could say anything else.

"mum go away, I'm up and stop waking me up ok?" I asked and peeked open one eye to see my mum, once again, holding a pan of water.

she pecked my for head and walked back out the room.

I went and had my shower and stood infront of my closet. I pulled out some black skinny jeans and a Dammed sleeveless top. I slipped them on and took out my grey hoodie putting that on too. I took out my black suicide silence snapback and placed it on my head I took some rings, bracelets and necklaces.

I looked into the mirror admiring myself, feeling fabulous, like a model!

with that feeling I strut down the hallway and down the stairs, as if I was on a catwalk. I stood on the stairs for a while pretending I had a million fans watching me in awe.

when as if on cue someone pushed me and I went tumbling down the stairs. I groaned because I hit my head hit something hard when I reached the bottom of the stairs. I looked up and glared at Phoenix, he's my older brother who's been away in france, not sure if I  told you that I have a brother, but WHO CARES! now you know.

I stood up and dusted off my clothes. "how's my favourite little model today eh?" Phoenix asked and he ruffeld my hair walking past. I just stood there glaring at him when mum shouted "Pohenix don't tease your brother!"

"sure mum, whatever"

I looked at him once more and poked my tongue out and said "fine thanks, what about you, turd head?"

I looked into his eyes and at that moment I knew I was screwed, so I ran to the kitchen as fast as my little legs would go, and hid behind mum as I heard Phoenix's loud footsteps coming closer and closer, my heart beating faster and faster. -so dramatic-

He finally emerged through the darkness of the kitchen doorway at 7 am in November. This is the day I die! wish me luck in heaven guys!

Phoenix Launched himself at me but I dodged him and hid behind mum again who scolded us for acting like children. we ate and I left the house saying goodbye to Phoenix and mum.

I chose to not go down the Ally and walked down the streets trying to take as much time as I could.

I put my earphones in and listened to Asking Alexandria. For once my earphones weren't having babies.

I looked at my watch and decided to skip the first and second periods *lessons* since they we're both gym and Me and Gym do not have a friendship. And no don't worry I'm not talking about Jim the guy bit Gym the lesson. See what eye did there eh? and there to? no?... just me? ok?

'why am I talking to myself?'

' cos you have no friends and your a nutter'

ok the first one was harsh and the second one was.... slightly true because I'm crazy... no I'm normal... I don't know.

I saw a park and decided to sit on the swing till 10:30 which was when first break was. After a few minutes of staring at kids play like a stalker I checked my watch, it was 10:15 so I decided to start heading to school.

I walked a little more and came face to face with the gates of hell! dun dun dun duhhhhhh!

I chuckled thinking 'Skyler you are a special one'

and there I go with the speaking to myself thing.

I walked into School and imediatly saw Hayley I mean who couldn't recognise her she had bright redy-orange hair.... like candy... do you think it will taste nice? She ran up to me and gave me a hug asking me about why I wasn't in school.

I explained it to her then we carried on with our lessons since we both had Double English next. when lunch Came I sat With Hayley.

I had never noticed how much that girl eats and how she seems to....suck it all in like a vacuum.

I'm now in Period 6, last lesson , which was Geography.

I sat in my seat next to Damian, who actually wasn't here yet.

10 minutes into the lesson Damian came barging into the room panting like a dog on a hot day.

He eyed me then walked over to his seat and sat down calmly. throughout the lesson he kept giving me weird looks, usually I can tell what the are but not this time.

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