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The bell rang signalling the end of the lunch break.

"what've you got next?" Hayley Asked staring at me intently. I got slightly nervous in case I had something on my face or something, I was wiping at my face just about everywhere frantically trying to get what ever I had on me off, when I heard someone giggling which turned into laughter.

I stopped and looked at Hayley who was Laughing her tiny ass off at me.

"What are you laughing at bub?" I asked her looking at her with a what the fuck expression.

She looked at me trying to calm herself down from laughing, she would stop for a few seconds then start again laughing harder. " yo-u.....ahahahaha you wer-were" *takes deep breath* "alright I'm ok now "*looks up at me and laughs hysterically again*

by this time I realised that we had wasted about 5 minutes. so I grabbed the crazy girl and dragged her to my next lesson, I had no idea what she had so I just took her to my Gym class.

I took her and chucked her, not literally, into the girls changing room and growled "C'mon we're late, get changed I'll meet you on the court"

if you Can't tell, I Skyler yeh me, am Bipolar.

I didn't bring any clothes to change into, gross I know but yeah.

I walked over to the court and saw Hayley already there..... I was standing in front of the girls locker room... how'd she get out?

"Finally you got your lazy ass out here!" she whined

we did Gym and went through our other lessons, I hung out with Hayley for Lunch too.

The green eyed boy -Damian- kept giving me weird looks which sent shivers down my spine.

right now I'm walking home. I took a short cut down an ally, I was always told to never go down them... but something was making me go there, half of me telling me 'go on its a short cut' the other half screaming not to.

I took it anyway, it smelt of sewers but to be honest it wasn't that strong. I kept walking and decided I should listen to music. I took my earphones out and groaned, 'Why do they always have earphone sex at wrong time!' I stopped for about 3 minutes trying to untangle them.

"kid" I heard someone say, I detached my focus from the earphones to look up and see who said it. There was a guy probably around 18-19. He was leaning up against the brick wall of the ally smoking something. He had amazing Grey-Silvery eyes..... let's call them Grery, at the moment they were more silver, but still had grey parts.

He had dark blue hair basicly Black. He stopped leaning on the wall anand walked over to me.

"what're you doing out here mate? Names Maxx." he told me and held his hand put for me to shake. I hesitated a bit.... scratch that, I hesitated a lot.

"S-S-Skyl-ler" I stuttered out.

He shook my hand warmly and pulled me into a hug, a friendly hug. I struggled to get out of his grasp but I was to weak.

He finally let go and muumbled "sorry, I don't know who you are.... but you're adorable, here's my number call me sometime" he said and placed a piece of paper in my back pocket, squeezing my butt as he did so.

I jumped in surprise and let out a yelp.

he looked at me and smirked while asking if I would like him to walk me the rest of the way. I responded with a yes.

As we walked we spoke of small things like what music we liked and stuff like that. I found out that he went to the School on the other side of town and that he was in fact 17 and had just turned 17. He was in sixth form I think or he was in his last year of High School.

we arrived and He gave me a hug, we said our goodbyes and he turned and walked down the driveway and down the street.

I Unlocked the door to my house.

"MUM! I'M HOME" I shouted not expecting an answer, and as I had expected I didn't get one, I trudged up to my room and striped to my boxers and put my Zombie pikachu shirt on and Black Joggers. I go into bed and fell asleep, not caring about if I had to eat or that it was a bit to early.

as I fell asleep Damian, Hayley and Maxx were on my mind, questions about them swirling around. until I fell into a deep a peaceful sleep.

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