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There was one man. One happy man who lived his life. Then one day he saw a woman, and they became friends. After some time even lovers. They loved each other very much. They know a lot about each other. But there was a secret about that woman. She was an agent. She was very important for some groups to kill. They wanted to get rid of her.

Then one beautiful day, somebody in black came and shoot the man. He was nearly dead. Doctors said he has a life-threatening wound near his heart. And in other places,too. She was very worried. Doctor said he needs another heart.

Doctors made a lot of surgeries. He was alive. After 2 days he woke up, and the first thing he asked was " Where is she? Is she ok?". Doctor said " We will go and meet her after you get healed".

After he was healthy again, they went to the address, what there was was cemetery. Doctor showed to him the place which her body was lying. She sacrificed herself, and gave her heart to him. He felt really lost. He was crying. Doctor said that she left a note. Man took the paper and started to read. " Dear, I love you so much. Sorry for leaving you. With me you will be in so much danger, but without me safe and sound. I am happy to save you.". The man was crying even harder. After that he went home, and sat in silence. He was smiling a big smile. He was definitely happy. He said " How is that possible? Our blood type is different. Thank you for saving me and giving me somebody else's heart..."

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