Chapter 8: Agony

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The same night when Jinwoo went to Jeongin's place. Of course, Hyunjin's ghoul has been fooling around all this time. After the talk with Woojin, he went out to find victims and that's what he's been doing when Jinwoo's not looking at him.

He's walking through an alley, following a lady in her mid 20's. She's already suspecting that someone's following her from behind but she chose to ignore it for now, not wanting to make the situation worse.

Hyunjin's ghoul smirked, knowing that he's been caught so he started running in a human's pace and that's when the lady started running too– typically in heels. She's on her way home from work.

Just to tease her, the ghoul continued running like he wouldn't be able to catch her but he's just waiting for her to be caught in his trap.

The lady turned to a darker alley which she is not very familiar with. She just doesn't want to lead him to her house since she has kids that she doesn't want to be in danger.

Hyunjin's ghoul smirked, knowing that she's been caught in his trap. A dead end.

She turned around with a frantic look on her face that the ghoul loves seeing. She started shaking, and she moved until her back finally reached the brick wall.

"W-What do you want! Here! Take my bag!" She threw her bag in front of the ghoul, making him laugh.

"Do you watch news? There are lots of other criminals around you know."

The ghoul let his eyes appear and he doesn't know that he's the one who got caught in the trap.

The lady's holding a caller that's exclusive in her workplace and she pressed it the moment she threw her bag.

"Stop on your tracks if you don't want to die."

Hyunjin's ghoul smirked and slowly turned around to see who he didn't expect. Apparently, he isn't smart enough.

"Caught a ghoul in district 4," the lady spoke. She has a earphone on and it's what the hunters use to contact each other in a mission.

(a/n idk what's that called i'm sorry sghshs)

"Where should we put him?" The lady asked Woojin who's in front of the ghoul.

"I'll take him."

* * *

Hyunjin's ghoul keeps pacing back and forth, locked in a cellar which Jinwoo doesn't know about yet. Indeed, he's a strong ghoul but he's not superman who could kick the metal door open. That wouldn't be agreed by the balance of nature.

"Let me out of here!" He screamed at Woojin who's staring at him with dead eyes outside.

"No can do. You just proved that you can't be trusted."

"Seriously. You're doing a lot worse than Jinwoo and it's already been three months!" Seungmin exclaimed. He still doesn't know that the one he's talking to is not his real brother. Woojin doesn't want to say it, yet.

The ghoul suddenly felt a pang of pain in his heart. He grits his teeth as he clutches onto his bare chest tight, almost scratching his skin.

Unlike Jinwoo, his roots didn't grow back to his original color since the Hyunjin stuck inside of him is still in a very deep state of stress and depression.

"Ya! Calm yourself down would you!" The pained ghoul chastised, hoping that the human inside of him hears him.

"Who are you talking to?" Seungmin asked, frowning. "Yourself?"

Tears started to stream down the ghoul's face, though they aren't his. He knows that the human is fighting even harder. Will it even be possible for the human to escape?

Inside, he is screaming. He is using every inch of his body and every inch of his mentality to fight. He wants to escape. He knows that the ghoul is up to no good and he wants that malevolence to stop.

Due to the force inside of him that brought the pain within his chest, the ghoul cried, falling down onto its knees with unbearable pain in the heart.

"Hyung! What's happening?!" Seungmin frantically asked.

The ghoul couldn't even hear properly. Its kind is known for a drastic sense of audibility but that doesn't define him now. He can only hear his own screams and can only feel the pain.

"Woojin hyung!" He started shaking the older one who's beside him.

Woojin didn't answer and just started dialing Minho's number on his phone.

Seungmin's frantic. He's starting to quiver because of his brother's condition.

"What's the matter?" Minho said as soon as he answers the call.

"We need your brother."

"What! We agreed that we only need him in very serious–"


The phone call ended abruptly after that demand. The two are now staring through the bars, not really knowing what to do as they wait for Minho and his brother.

Woojin just recently found something as he was doing his keen research.

He might have received a bigger hint about Hyunjin's situation but they need a smart ghoul for the risky examination.

They live in one house, but each of them buries a secret within.

Each of them.

The ghoul's cries became silent, replaced by Seungmin's quiet sobs. He may be brave but he's still soft at heart. Hyunjin's his only family member aside from his uncle and he doesn't want his family to feel pain. Even if that family doesn't feel like family at all.

Woojin on the other hand, continued to stare at the ghoul as if he is already scrutinizing him. The ghoul's laying with his face on the floor, arms and legs scattered.

"Seungmin," Woojin suddenly said, his face covered with seriousness. He doesn't look at the eyes of the younger who is trying to initiate the opposite.


Just when Seungmin said that, his phone started ringing in his pocket. "Hold on..." He wiped his eyes first and sniffled before pulling his phone out of his pocket.

It's an overseas call.

Woojin stares at him impatiently, dying to tell him the truth about Hyunjin but the moment Seungmin heard what the caller had to say, he dropped his phone unconsciously to the floor.

"What? Who was that?" The older one asked him, frowning.

Seungmin looks at him with horror in his eyes as if he's seen a ghost.

"M-My u-uncle's dead..."

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