Kid's POV

"You won't get to!" I said, pushing Emiko behind me, "If you want to kill her, you will have to get pass me.".

"Shirururu! What a man you are! But that doesn't stop me from killing her!" Caesar said.

Out of the blue, he turned into gas and flew somewhere. I held onto Emiko's wrist, just in case Caesar took her away.

"I'm here!" Caesar said, creeping behind Emiko. Emiko took note of that and prepared her attack.

"Shield!" She formed a large bubble around the two of us, protecting us from Caesar.

"Shirururu! You're fast!" He smirked and turned into gas again. "Kid." Emiko called for me.

"Yeah?" I replied, looking at her. "Could you take the two metal pipes over there and make a fire using friction?" She said, pointing at the metal objects and picking up a wood from somewhere, big enough to knock someone out.

I looked at the pipes and looked back at her and smirked, "I know what you're gonna do now."

I lifted my hands up, pulling the pipes to me and rubbed it together as hard as I could.

"Kid, I want you to distract him, then I'll sneak up behind him and roast him alive like a chicken." She whispered to me so that Caesar wouldn't hear her.

I chuckled at her and rubbed the metal faster. Soon, sparks were seen and Emiko quickly brought the wood to the sparks.

Soon, fire was created on the wood and Emiko smiled in glee, "Let's just hope that he didn't took out the oxygen near the fire.".

"How about the other way around, I burn him while you, kick his ass," I suggested. "Why?" She said looking at me puzzled. "You're a Haki user, I can't distract him by playing with his whatever gas he is, he might cut off my oxygen." I explained.

"You're right." She said, handing me the burning material. "Just don't let him blow the fire away." She said, glaring at her surroundings.

Soon, she ran off to somewhere. I looked at her and she was running to the light purple smoke.

I smiled at her proudly beca-

"Kid! The wood!" Emiko shouted. I snapped out of my thoughts and quickly turned my body and swang the brown material infront of me.

"GAAAH!" Caesar screamed. I swear, he's such a dumb retard. The fire burned the gas man as he rolled around the floor.

"SOMEONE PUT OUT THE FIRE IF NOT I'LL EXPLODE!" He screamed pain. "Under two conditions." Emiko smirked evily, towering above him.

"I'LL DO ANYTHING!" He screamed. "First, you are coming with us," She said, taking a chain with a pipe and placed it on top of him. "S-sea stone?!" He questioned. "Second, you've got to turn me back into a proper human." She said, preparing to send a wave of water on top of him.

"I-I'll do it!" He looked at her with pain in his eyes. "Can't hear you?" She sang. "I'LL DO IT!" He screamed at her.

"Good." She giggled, sending a torrent of water on him. He tried to stand up but he can't because of the chain.

"Now, how do we handcuff him?" She poundered. "Let's wait for the others to come here, or one of us have to go find someone who's not a devil fruit user." I told her.

"You stay here, I'll go find the others and you better take care of Caesar!" She said, running off.

"Oi! Emiko!" Before she could hear me, she ran off to look for someone.

"Urgh, you're such an idiot." I mumbled under my breath.

Emiko's POV

Garh, searching for someone is a pain in the ass. I went to look for someone, Luffy's crew, the marines because I don't really ca-

Before I could finish what I was thinking, I bumped into someone. "Emiko-chan~!" Oh god, anyone but him.

"S-Sanji!? W-What are you doing here?!" I shockly replied. "Looking for my heart which was stolen by you~!" He sang.

I facepalmed my forehead. "Sanji, can you please help me with something?" I asked him.

"Anything for you Emiko-chwan~!" Sanji replied.

I grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the room where Caesar was.


Oh god, can someone call the mental hospital.

Soon, we reached the door. "Kid! I brought..." I said, looking at Kid. "Him?!" Kid snapped.

"He was the only person I could find..." I timidly mumbled under my breath. Kid growled and looked at Sanji.

"You better don't freak her out just now." He snarled.

"What did you say hot-head?!" Sanji fought back.

"You better not freak her out!" He snapped at him.

"Excuse me?! I did not!"

"I heard that you were a pervert cook, I guess they were right!"

"Shut up Asstass Kid!"

"That's it!"

The two of them ranted and ranted.

"They're so hopeless." Caesar and I sighed deeply.

"You're such a sexual pervert!" Kid insulted Sanji.

I growled under my breath, clenched my teeth and fist. "YOU TWO ARE SO FUCKING ANNOYING CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT UP AND HELP ME OUT!" I shouted at them.

Kid and Sanji turned their heads to me and stared at me like I was a crazy bitch or something.

Sanji being Sanji, his eyes turned into hearts and swayed side to side.

"Emiko-chan~ you're so cute when you're angry~!" He danced to me.

I gave him a sacarstic grin and as he came closer to me, a roughly grabbed his cheeks and glared at him.

"Help me cuff him up and do it propely!" I ordered him. He immediately let go of my grip and did what I told him.

"You're scary when you're angry." Kid chuckled. I ignored him and waited for Sanji to finish his job.

"Can you stand up?" I told Caesar. He growled under his breath and did what I said.

"As soon as I get this off, I'm going to kill you." He muttered at me.

"But you can't~" I sang. "Let's go find Law." Kid said, walking next to me.

"Sanji-kun, can you please take Caesar with us?" I asked him politely.

"Yes Emiko-chan~" He replied, holding Caesar.

Capturing Caesar: Complete

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