Basic information

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Name: Gjakut Sanguinem

Age: As old as mankind

Gender: Female

Species: Gjakut is of her own species on this earth, being the only of its kind here, yet known throughout the universe,  preying upon creatures that inhabit other planets. She is called the Agee'Uray'Uin, which carries no particular meaning, rather just being the species name.

Spouse: Gjakut, being the only of the species on this particular planet, has no spouse. She does not tend to show much true affection to most of the species here, though,  try if you will. You may possibly win her over. She isn't entirely murderous.

Height: Despite her disproportionate body, being slightly lanky, reached a height if 5'11 which was actually rather short as a female of her species.

Weight: Aproximately 165 pounds

Gjakut is neither good nor evil. Her actions of killing are not for her enjoyment -as much as she does enjoy it- but rather for her survival and her gain in strength. If you've managed to discover her good side, she will protect you, and she will be loyal, yet, her bad side is easier to find than her good is. She is rather neutral, and doesn't tend to choose sides unless given a convincing reason to pick one.


Hemokinesis: The ability to control blood.

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