Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: priestesses

When I was first brought here these halls were more beautiful than any castle. the temple was teaming with woman, woman like me, witches.

And the air was perfumed by magic, you could smell it as you approached from across the meadow.this whole island was pulsing with possibility and life.

That was seven years ago when I was only thirteen years old

Now the temple is just a crumbling ruin. a reminder that all magic is outlawed from the land claimed by the king, my wretched "brother".

Now sorceress's are rare to come by as the kings knights killed them all, all except my sister katrina and I, the last surviving high priestess's.


"Katrina, evanora hurry up the priestesses are about to start the revealing" my mother seraphina shouted waving us over to the large courtyard in the centre of the temple where hundreds of sorceress's stood with their daughters looking up at the four high priestess's seated on their dark oak wood thrones waiting calmly for us all to quieten down.

"Coming" katrina grabbed my hand and dragged me through the crowd of brightly coloured cloaks.

Reaching our mother we turned to look at the four women seated on the thrones. high priestess Beatrix the wise, the oldest of the high priestess's waved her hand signalling for us all to be quiet.

After a few moments the murmuring died down and Beatrix cleared her throat before addressing the crowd "welcome sisters to the 100th sabbath" she pauses while everyone cheers, but not me iv never been the one of these before, I prefer to be around my sister and a few other sorceress's in our small village with the Druids, not hundreds of screaming women and girls in one massive temple.

"As you all know my sisters malkyn, Arabella, loreena and I are here to pick four young sorceress's to be our apprentices where they will be taught in the magic arts of the old religion and eventually take over our place as the high priestess's" another round of cheers followed this exclamation.

Malkyn, Arabella and loreena stand up and walk over to Beatrix.

"We have been watching you all for the 1000 years that we have been your high priestesses and we have found four young women to be your new rulers" loreena the conceited, the youngest priestess spoke up look at us all her piercing blue eyes sweeping through the crowd.

"But we must warn you, being a high priestess isn't all glory and power. it is, to say, a burden that you must bare. protecting and ruling our kind is not as easy as you all think. you must put others lives before your own." Malkyn the idealist's face was serious as she watched us all glaring at a group just behind my family who started to gloat saying that they were more powerful than the rest of us and that they should be the ones chosen.

"Oh sisters must we really bore everyone with this talk, I thought today was supposed to be a celebration" Arabella the blessed scolded her "sisters".

"To true bella" malkyn grinned

"I guess" Loreena chuckled

"Well I guess we should tell them who the lucky four are shouldn't we?" Beatrix smirked glancing at the crowd out of the corner of her eye

"Yes we should. I'll go first shall i?" Loreena asked

"Of course" Beatrix replied nodding her head

"The first and oldest of the new priestesses hails from avelon from the west of here. her name is violet" loreena smiled as a girl who looked about 17 years old with short brown hair reaching just above her shoulders, and lightly tanned skin walked up the steps and onto the platform before the high priestess loreena her heald high

"violet, from now on you shall be known as violet the vallient" loreena said placing a thin golden band studded with emeralds onto violets head. violet looked like she would make a good leader for the next 1000 years of my life.....ijust wonder who els was picked

"next the youngest of the new priestesses hails from this very temple. her name is aya" arabella proclaimed motioning form a ten year old girl with waist long red hair and pale, freckily skin forward. taking one nervous step at a time aya walked up to the stage and stood next to violet who smiled at aya.

"aya from this day forward you shall be known as aya the tender-hearted" arabella placed a thin gold band exactly the same as violets on ayas head. personaly idont think aya looks like the leader type she looks more like the stand back and watch kind of girl.

malkyn and betrix glanced at eachother before they both took a step forwards "next are two sisters hailing from the hollow woods, in the camp of the druids. sisters katrina and evanora" beatrix said staring right as us.

oh my god thisis actually happening, im going to be a high priestess....but idont want to im not ready, im not a leader katrina is

before i know it im standing before priestess malkyn who smiles warmly at me "evanora from this day forth you shall be known as evanora the malevolent" placing a thin silver bandstudded with rubys on my head i feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted of my chest and the doorsto a new hope have swung open.

"and you katrina shall be known as katrina the schemer"beatrix smiles placing a thin silver band just the same as mine over my sisters head.

"sisters we present to you your new high priestesses" beartix, arabella, loreena and malkyn shout together over the cheering of the hundreds of witches chanting our names.

turning to my sister i grin at her "can you belive it sissy, were really going to be high priestesses just like we dreamed as kids"

katrina starts to reply but is cut short when an ear splitting scream pierces the air and body's falling to the floor.

(A/N: the photo is of all the new priestesses)

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