Chapter 38:Gara vs Rock Lee part 3

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(Sora's pov)

Inner gates?

"Yes Lee can open 5..."gai said like it was nothing.

"When did you teach him this?" kakashi asked gai.

"A little while back,just after we became a team with me as their sense if we omen back to see Lee starting to glow.

"wow he's glowing red" naruto said surprised.

(My thoughts) much pain are you in now?

"Gai...just how much pain will Lee be suffering with at this point?" Kakashi asked gai.

"Hehe...Lee is experiencing excruciating pain at this point-"

"Then why teach it to him!?" I asked

"Because it's worth it!"gai yelled happily.

We looked back down to look at Lee and gara.

Lee sprinted off to gara and decided to attack,with several kicking followed by a blow to the face.

Gara was sent flying to the other side of the room and Lee collapsed to the floor in pain.

I sighed in releif thinking that Lee had won the match until gara's eyes snapped open and he looked at Lee with anger.

"Not yet..."he said as he held up his hand and said

"sand coffin!"and crushed ke e's right  arm and leg.

"Ahhhh!' Lee screamed in agony and collapsed...unconscious.

'Lee!!"I yelled worried. I then looked at gara and saw in his eyes that he wasn't finished yet.

He held up his hand to Lee, he was going to kill him!?

"w..wait....NO STOP!" I yelled at him.

Then gai sense appeared in front of Lee and blocked Lee from gara.

Gara then clutched his head which I found suspicious.

"Why?" was all gara said

"Because Lee is my..." gai then looked up

"Lee is my student!" I then looked to my left and saw Lee standing up!

"How's he able to move with an injury like that!?" Kakashi asked himself looking almost as confused as I was.

"even when your in this still fight...waiting sheer will" gai then hugged Lee saying

"I'm sorry so can rest it's okay. ...I'm proud Lee 5 hen put his arm down and fell completely unconscious.

The medics came out and looked at Lee.

"Gai...can we talk to you?"

I lifted me eyebrow and rushed down to the arena along with naruto.

"Lee has suffered some very severe injuries..non are fatal but...immediately afraid his shinoby days are over and with that Lee was taken away.

"Bushy brow.."naruto said

I looked straight at gara not with a face of anger or hatred...many a little vengeance but mostly...With pity..He needed serious help.

Poor Lee...he'll be okay. .won't he?.

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