"I need help with my Geography and I know for a fact that you're great at it so, mind helping me out?" Jeremy asked. We sat on a park bench with the magnificent view of a fountain. His hand and mine intertwined. It was Friday afternoon and he'd just come from picking me up. AGAIN! Not that I'm complaining.

"Yeah sure! Tomorrow... but where?" I asked. "At your place." He spoke so incredulously. "Is this some kind of trick to get me in a room with you, cornered and helpless?" I asked and he smirked. "Honestly? No. But that's a pretty good idea." he chuckled. "Anyway, I say we study today, and since you feel weird about letting me into your room, let's go to my place." He immediately pulled me to my feet. "Are you crazy? What if your parents are home?" "What's wrong Val? Would you rather they weren't?" he asked smirking and I almost fainted. "You sicko, get your mind out of the gutter!" I grimaced. "Just kidding, plus my parents are cool, besides, we aren't doing anything but studying, right?"

And that's exactly right. We got to his house, ran up to his room and studied some Geography. He made the cutest faces when he was thinking to his last brain tissue, so yeah, pretty worth it. He would occasionally look at me and notice me smiling at him. He'd then smile back and return to his thinking. We were done at 5:30 making our revision time a grand total of three hours. "D'you want something to eat, drink?" he asked. "No it's fine I'll buy something on the way home." "So you're just gonna leave? I could drop you off at home....no big deal."

"Fine." I smiled and he smiled back taking my hand and leading me downstairs. "Love, you can bring your girlfriend down now!" That was Jeremy's mum. Anyway, she just made things really awkward in my case, I'm not so sure about Jeremy though. Sensing my nervous stance he gave my hand a light squeeze and said. "Mum she's not my girlfriend....well not yet." When he said the last three words I practically died...I got scared making me squeeze his hand absentmindedly.

He smiled politely then did the same to mine. As soon as we got through that awkward phase Mrs Lynch introduced herself and gave us some of the cookies. After a moment or two Jeremy's words replayed in my head. 'Well not yet'. That meant soon right? I mean he would have just stopped at 'she's not my girlfriend,' but no! He said Not Yet! D'you know what this means? EXACTLY! It means he's gonna make things official.

"Alright mum, I'm gonna take my girlfriend home now ok?" he said and I almost choked on my cookie, Jeremy just chuckled. "Ok Honey. Very nice to meet you Valerie, you two make a cute couple by the way." "OH! No we're no-" "Thanks mum!" Jeremy inretupted I while dragging me out of his house. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Is there anything you'd like to tell me Mr.Lynch?" He looked at me more nervous than excited. "Well Mrs Johnson, I do have something to say, just not today. How about I take you out tomorrow then tell you, you'd probably be ready then." He ended the conversation with his signature smirk. I chuckled nervously and he took my hand. Jeremy was pretty awesome, he's different. He takes every move and tiny detail into thought.

As we walked down the street, fingers intertwined, he talked to me, but I didn't listen, I was too anxious about tomorrows date. "Alright, she's zoned out." As ironic as it sounds, that's what snapped me out of it. I blushed and a house behind. "Oh, uhh sorry, I was just thinking." I said.

"Well I shan't stop you, c'mon." he smiled. As we walked towards the house I could tell I'd seen it before, but I shrugged it off. "I just need to get something then I'll take you wherever yours heart desires." he chuckled> Jeremy knocked on the door and I heard someone yell 'Hold on' I instantly knew whose house this was. Will. William Snug, the guy who had the huge party. Suddenly the door opened. "Jeremy my main man! What's up bro? Damn long time no see.

"They did their usual man hugs and greetings. As soon as they were done Jeremy's hand found its way to mine. Will followed Jeremy's hand with his eyes until he saw mine. Honestly, was I that invisible? "Hey! You're Jacobs's best friend or something. Shit thank god you're here, Jacob's been acting like a wall. He won't talk, eat, and sleep. He's a zombie. Plus he's been staying at mine." He spoke casually.

"Hey Jake! Valerie's here!" Will yelled. I walked in and saw him on the couch. Tears began spilling out my eyes. He looked horrible, there were black circles under his eyes verifying Will's words. "Val?" he croaked. I felt more tear fall. "Val you're here?" his voice sounded worse. I went straight to him leading him to stand up and hug me.

"What happened Jake?" my voice cracked a bit. "I really missed you Val, you didn't call back or text. You even ignored me at school. Whatever punishment you think I deserve, I assure you I've had it and much more. I'm sorry Valerie, I really am." "I love you Jake, I promise I'll never let anything like this happened to you." I said. "That's my girl." He joked. As soon as the words left his mouth Jeremy immediately spoke. "Uhhh...I'll be outside for a sec." and then he walked out. Ooooookkkkkk.

"Thanks Will, I'll taking off your shoulders for a while." I said as I walked out with Jacob besides me. I saw Jeremy seated on the ground. "Hey, you okay?" I asked and he smirked at me. "Yeah, so I guess I'm taking both of you home huh?" he asked.

"Well he's coming over to my place." Jeremy looked confused but shrugged it off. Once we reached I took Jake up to my room and returned to say bye to Jeremy. "So" he began. "Yeah, so......." I replied. "I hope Jake gets better." he said. "Yeah me too." I replied. "Anything specific you wanna do tomorrow?" he asked. "Jeremy be honest, what exactly is happening tomorrow?" I asked. He closed his eyes and smiled ever so softly.

"Well apart from the fact that it's scaring the crap outta me, it's nothing that could kill you so calm down. And with that, I bid you farewell." He pulled me into a hug kissing my forehead lightly. "They say girls need guys who kiss their foreheads not their lips." He said making me laugh. "Goodbye Mrs Lynch." I froze but waved back all the same. "Tomorrow?" "Tomorrow."

I got back into my room with a huge plate of noodles and found Jacob changed for bed, (He had extra clothes at my place, same goes for me). "You have to eat this before you go to bed k?" I said handing him the plate and getting dressed myself.

He sat on my bed eating the noodles and I got changed. We did so silently. "You really like him don't you?" he asked placing the now empty plate on my bedside table. His question caught me off guard. "No idea what you're talking about, now c'mon." he dropped the topic and jumped into my bed.

"Val we haven't slept in the same bed since you were 15 'cause you were scared of the dark." Jake spoke nervously. "We've been best buds since we were babies, cool down. Besides I'm not letting you sleep on the cold hard floor, you haven't slept in days, you deserve a bed." I smiled and he put an arm around me. "Alright, goodnight."

I sent a text to Jeremy saying goodnight and he sent it back. Jake on the other hand was asleep, holding me like I was a friggin teddy bear. I could tell he missed me, and so did I.

"Love you Val." he murmured.

"Love you too Jake."







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