Chapter 17

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5 months later

Justin's POV

So Ashley's all better she's stopped cutting and she looks well I was in the kitchen with Ryan scooter and usher talking about the next tour when we heard Ashley shout "DAD HELP ME" we all went rushing upstairs to her room "whoa whoa whoa what's wrong" "we thigh u where hurt" "no I just need to get my purse and it's on the shelf I can't reach" she tried again but she couldn't reach she was the shortest out of all of us she was 16 and only 5'1 I got her purse for her "why do u need ur purse" "I need to get some clothes" "no no no babe your using my money" "but dad..." "hers £5,000 spent it wisely" "whatever thanks"

Ashley's pov

Dad gave me £5,000 I had a lot of money but he doesn't like me spending it anyway I jumped in the shower it was only 8 I had a half hour shower got out dried my hair and pined is up then went to my wardrobe and seeing as it was winter I got out deep blue skinny jeans a cream long sleeved top and a deep green cardigan then some brown boots burgendy hat and a black scarf I took my hair out straightened it and left it out grabbed my bag phone and purse then went down stairs "okay I'm gonna go then" "honey do u want me to drive" "no I'll drive myself" "but it's really icy out" " dad I'll be fine" "hmmm" "okay bye" I walked out and jumped in my car I liked basic cars I have the teal mini I carefully reversed out and started driving to the mall when suddenly ...

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