Phil's POV

Dan fell asleep very fast, while I stayed awake tossing and turning.

What happened if our viewers turned on us? Ugh.

I quickly reached for my laptop on the ground and tapped in 'YouTube' on the search bar.

It immediately loaded to my YouTube Channel and I clicked on my latest video. 'The Announcement About Phan.'

I scrolled down and looked at the comments. The top comment stabbed in the stomach.

What the fuck? Phan. You don't deserve him Phil! You deserve someone else caring! Literally going to stop watching your videos.

114 likes. What a fake bitch. Dan was fucking caring. He was so caring. I dragged myself to reality and realised that I didn't care.

Who cared if those 114 people stopped watching my videos because Dan and I were a couple. They can stop for all they like. As long as I am happy and we're happy.

That was the main point and I hadn't realised with me being quite undeniably dumb.

I shut my computer screen and snuggled back down with Dan.

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