Home not sweet home

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Authors note:

WARNING!! A lot of bad words use to this chapter so if you want you can just skip this chapter but I suggest you don't cause this bit is quite important. But yeah just warning you


I decided to walk home today, not like I get a choice.

"Hey look it's Victoria the most sexiest girl in the entire world!" David said as he hugged me from behind.

"Oh shut the fuck up David you know that I'm never going to go out with you and I'm certainly never going to go to bed with you you fuckwit,"

"Oh I know you want to have me so bad Vicky and you just can't handle me," he whispers in my ear, "I fucking want you and you want me, let's do it,"

"David I don't wanna fuck you. Your such a horny teenager," I said as I kept on walking.

Gosh I find him so annoying. He have had sex to a lot of girls, I think he wants to fuck the whole town. But I don't want to go down that path.

"Ok I'm going now then," he said as he backs up and talks to another girl. "Hey beautif---"

Teenagers these days and their needs.

"Hey mum I'm back from school," I threw my bag on the ground.

"I fucking hate you!" A guy screamed, I heard plates breaking. And a scream. I ran to the kitchen as fast as I could.

Blood creeped through the floor as I saw my mum lying on the ground, crying, blood falls out of her head, it carries on up to her mouth as it dripped on the ground. Her hands holding the wound to prevent it from bleeding out more blood.

"Dad stop it! What are you trying to do to mum?" I sat on the ground beside her holding my hand out to stop my dad from hitting her once more.

"Get the fuck out of here Victoria! Go to your room!" He yelled to me.

I did what he told me. I ran to my room upstairs.

Tears started dripping off my eyes, I covered my whole body with my bed sheet cover trying to not hear the things that's happening down stairs. I heard another plate breaking then a loud sob and a door opened then closed.

I went down stairs. All I can see is my mum still weeping. I grabbed the bandage and put it across her head. She can't even talk, "it's alright mum," I hugged her as I cry once more, "it's alright you'll be safe with me,"


Authors note:

Hey guys sorry this is a short chapter. It's just cause there's not a lot happening and I think it is good short anyways so yeah :)

Keep waiting for the next chapter.

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