My past hit me in the heart like a hunters bullet.

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As i finished eating, i looked over at Oliver, he was leaning over a bush a and by the sounds he was making I assumed he was puking. Who was i to blame him, I had just torn apart and eaten a baby. I allways felt grusome and groutesque after eating. If could see myself digging into the stomak of a baby eating its organs and see the blood dripping from my teeth and staining fy fur, i would probably puke to. I felt sorry for oliver to witness such a horrible scene.

"oliver? Are you okey?" He had come out of the bush now and looked at me.

"Im fine" his face had gotten a greenish tint. I wasnt sure he was being true to me, but ignored it and started walking out to the path again. I looked down at him and saw that he was nothing but ok. i grabbed him in my paw and threw him on to my back. he held on to my fur and gug his lille paws down into my long soft sandy coat. it was suprisingly comortabe as he started tugging carefully in the fur between my shoulderblades.

"where did you learn this?" it was something rekognisible in what he was doing. I couldnt quite put my claw on it but, I knew i had felt it before.

"My mother did it to me when i had a rough day" then I remembered. my mother. Ifell down on the ground. Crying my eyes out about the sudde memory of my mother. she had masaged my bakc to get me to sleep. Oliver hopped of my back and ran over to my face. while stroking over the short fur on my forehead to calm me down, he asked what the matter was and i started my storry. it was a painfull and heartnreaking time digging deep into the memories I had been tying to drown over all the years alone in the big forrest. there were many tears that night.

"It all started when i was a little pup...

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