Chapter 62

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Cameron's POV


I was flying in to suprise Brooke and Taylor. Matt wanted to come, but I told him no. No way would I let him come.

"Flight 547 to Indiana now boarding." The PA announced and I rolled my suitcase to the gate.

I handed the lady my ticket, and found my aisle seat. I sat down, and sighed. It was gonna be a long flight.


{5 hours later}

I stood on the curb outside of the airport and waited for my taxi. It finally arrived after 10 minutes, and I have the man directions to Brooke and Taylor's house.

I started thinking about the random eat things when I hear the driver say "your here." I looked outside and we were in front of an apartment building. Wow he was a fast driver.

I got out of the car, got my suitcase from the trunk, and payed the man.

I took the elevator up to the 3rd floor, and stopped in front of apartment #38.

I knocked lightly on the door, and I heard footsteps. I heard Blake start barking, and an eye appeared in the peephole.

"Cameron." Brooke said and opened the door. She was crying her eyes out.

"Come here. What's wrong? Where's Taylor?" I asked and she jumped into my arms.

She cried even harder. "Where's Taylor." I asked, my grip tightening on Brooke.

"He-he-he. He disapeared. No one knows where he is." Brooke sobbed. She clicked on the tv and his photo was on the news.

"Breaking news! International web star Taylor Caniff has mysteriously dissapperard. If anyone has seen him anywhere please contact 555-555-555" the reporter said and switched to another story.

My mouth hung open in shock. My best friend. Gone. Lost. I wanted to cry, but I had to be strong for Brooke.

I hugged her and stroked her hair while she cried. "It'll be okay." I said to her.

But would it really be okay?


Bye bye Taylor👋😭

Jk he's not dead. And he won't be dead. I can't like just make him die. My whole story plan would get messed up.

But thank you guys for 800 reads so much! I never imagined getting this much😍☺️✊

Shake it off by Taylor Swift is like THE BEST SONG EVER if you've never heard it listen to it NOW🌚💘

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