Zayn's POV

We are currently driving to Ari's house, and Paul is driving. Ari is wearing my white shirt, and my gray jogging pants. And I have to honest.. She looks dang hot in my clothes.. I just wanna to f*ck her.. But were already here so nevermind..

"Ok, I'm going inside and you guys stay here"

"No way! I wanna see your ish!" Louis shouted

"Yes! I wanna see it too!" Harry declared

"Um.. Ew.. No.. That's just wrong to say Louis" Ari said

"Well then.. Let's rephrase that.. I wanna see Ariana Grande's house!!" Louis said more like shouted

"WE ALL WANNA SEE IT!" The boys, including me shouted in unison

"ALRIGHT! Alright.. you get to go inside also" Ari said

"YAYYYY!!!" We all literally ran out the car and waited at Ari's doorstep. Ari rolled her eyes and joined us. She opened the door with her key and went inside. We slowly went inside and.. Wow! This place is huge! It's amazing! This is so much nicer than our house! The kitchen has in island in the middle, two refrigerators, and a place where you hang wine glasses.. Wow! The living room has a big tv.. It's like 50 inches.. Its has two sofas one on the left and one on the right and there's a center table obviously at the center.

"Hey Ari.. Remember your story when you told us that you sliced the sofa and ruined the house.. What happened to it?" Louis asked

"We had to fix the house or renovate it so that I can forget everything that happened in the past and for us to start fresh" Louis nodded

"You guys stay here while I go take a shower upstairs. You can open the tv and stuff. Just don't ruin the house" Ari said eyeing Louis

"Ok!" We chorused

Ari went up like fifteen minutes ago and here we are laying down on the sofas doing nothing. How did we fit? The four of us is on the sofa and Niall volunteered to stay at the floor.

"You guys.. I'm soo bored! Ugh!" Louis said

"I know right! Why can't she shower faster?" Niall said

"Oh! I know! Let's play.. Hide and seek?" Louis asked

"No! That's like for kids!" Liam said

"What if we mix hide and seek and tag?" I suggested

"How? I don't get it" Harry said

"Like.. We hide, and the it has to find us, but the it has to tag us.. Gets?"

"Um.. Yeah sure.. C'mon" Niall said

"Ok! Liam be the it!" Louis said

"Ok.. Ok.. I count from one to thirty then I come find you" we nodded our heads

"In three! Two! One!" And we ran for our lives

Ari's POV

I had just finished taking a bath and I am now looking for something to wear.. I wore my bra and panties with my napkin of course and my short.. I had to wear shorts cuz it was hot outside so why not.. I just heard some counting downstairs and running.. What were the boys up to? I shook my head never minding what they were up to. I am currently looking for a shirt that I like and that fits the weather and stuff, but I can't find any! A sweater, no. Tank top? No, a crop top? No.. A sh- someone just came inside my room.. And take note.. Without knocking.. I turned around and seen Zayn smirking weirdly.. I shouted and quickly covered my self with a towel that I used earlier

"Wtf are you doing here!?!?" I asked him angrily

"Well.. We were playing a game cuz we were bored, and Liam is the it, and the four of us had to hide somewhere. Louis is in the backyard, Niall is in the guest room, Harry is in I think your brother's room, and here I am with you" he ended with a smile. Gosh he's so cute.

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