Chapter 6 At The Airport

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Gissel's P.O.V

I wake up to someone's arms around my waist and my head on someone bare chest. I look up and see Shawn. He looked so cute sleeping. I peek his cheek and put my head back on his chest. I see my phone on the night stand charging. I grab it. I see that its was 10 AM. We have a day off today because we are flying to Houston Tomorrow. And I see many twitter notification. And I see a text messages from my mom.

Mom=M Gissel=G

M-Hi sweetie

G- Hi mom I miss you so much

M- I miss you to how is Dallas

G- Good after Dallas we are going to Houston

M- Okay sweetie when are you coming home ?

G- In like a week

M- Okay honey I have to go back to work I was checking in you guys.

G- Okay mommy tell daddy I love him and miss him

M- Okay honey bye love you

G- Love you too

I put my phone down and just lay there thinking. I look up to Shawn and he slowly opens his eyes. I smile and he looks at me. Good morning he says in his raspy morning voice it was so sexy. Good morning I say. He just smiled at me and I smile back. I'm going to take a shower and brush my teeth so I can be clean I say. Okay he says and lets go of me. I get up and go to my suit case. I pick out clothes I pick my blue diamond fitted shirt and black skinny jeans .And I get my undergarments. I walk In to the restroom And brush my teeth and shower. After the shower I let my hair air dry.

After the shower

I walk out and I see everybody on top of Shawn. And Shawn was screaming GET THE FUCK OFF ME. I just laugh. Guys get off of him I say. No the scream. I walk over to them and I grab Matt and push him off then all of them fall to the ground because they were all holding each other. I just laugh. Thank you he says. Your welcome I say jumping on him and I was on top of him and his arms where on my sides. How come she gets to do that but not us they say. Well she's not heavy he says. Are you Calling us fat they say in a white girls voice. I laugh and look at Shawn again I Smile at him and he returns the smile. I look at he guys and they were smirking at me What I say Oh nothing they say I just roll my eyes and look at Shawn he smiled at me. I smile back. I get close to his ear and I whisper to him. Hey When are we going on our date I whisper. Today if you want he whispers In my ear. So Today at 8 I Wisper back. He nods his head and I kiss his cheek. I look over to the guys and they were staring hard at us. Take a picture it last longer I say giggling. They snap out of it and get up off the floor and go to there beds and just go on there phones. I look back at Shawn he was already looking at me. Hey I'm going to go Shower and then we can continue this he said I smile and get off him. And lay down on the bed. He gets up and grabs clothes and walks to the rest room

15 mins later

He walks out with out a shirt he was only wearing jeans and a belt. I smile at him and I look down and just play a game on my phone. MY TURN TO SHOWER I hear the guys yell. They run to the rest room and Taylor gets there first and he walks in. Me and Shawn just laugh. Gissel come here Taylor says. I get up and go over there Stay here I'm going to go get clothes he says. Why do i have to stand here I ask. So the guys wont go In he says placing me in front of the door. I just stand there and the guys were trying to get thru me but then Taylor pushes them out the way and i move he turns around and hugs me and then walks inside. The guys go back to there beds.

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