chapter 12 - Pretending.

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Hana's POV:

We had finished my room and finished Painting Sehun's room. We decided to just paint his walls blue and the ceiling white because he didn't want it to be too fancy.

Sehun had left alittle while ago and I was currently working on dinner. Sehun Said he wanted to eat bugolgi so I decided to cook that for him. He was starting to become nicer and warmer. Like a summer breeze blowing through the air. I smiled happily because i was getting some kind of reaction from him.

Setting out the food onto the table. I placed everything neatly. wanting to make it look nice as a thank you. The bugolgi was set on a plate. The chopsticks and Spoon next to it with a glass of chocolate milk.

Checking the clock, it read 9:45pm. Sehun would be home soon. I headed upstairs to take a shower, choosing a pair of black shorts and a white long sleeve tee.

Stepping into the shower I washed my hair. I realised I haven't been cutting much, by now I would have been in my emotional state and been tearing at my skin. I guess love changes people. Or rather, Sehun is changing me.. and I'm glad he is..

I went into the living room, listening to music to past the time when I heard a pair of keys jingle. Running to the door I saw Sehun taking his shoes off.

"Anneyeong how was your day?" I smiled at him only to see a blank face. "None of your business." He walked off into the kitchen leaving me standing there confused. Ouch. I forced a fake smile onto my face pretending it didn't effect me at all. He must be having a bad day. Following him into the kitchen I saw him grabbing some cookies from the cupboards.

"If you're hungry I made some bugolgi." He turned his head towards me.

"I don't want to eat your food."

Why is he like this? He was nice before?

"What happened?" The words slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them. I had always been blunt and straight forward.

He glared at me standing up straight, "Can you stop pretending that you care and go?" confused, i pressed on into the subject.

"Bwo?" He let out a sigh.

"all girls are the same. So can you please leave me alone and go somewhere where you won't be so useless." Pang. The words hit home and I could feel my eyes turning glasses. A look of guilt flashed through his face before disappearing immediately. I quickly turned my gaze onto the floor.

"A-ara. sorry for bothering you." I turned around ready to leave the room before stopping in my tracks. Turning my head to the side I looked at him. "Thanks for Helping."

I jogged up the stairs and closed the door shut. A sob made its way out of my mouth. I slapped a hand onto my mouth, trying to be unheard. Am I really useless? I was just trying to be nice.. What's this pretending? I'm not pretending, i really am thankful. But I guess I should leave him alone.. I should leave everyone alone. I ran to my cupboard grabbing my razor, i sat on the bed. slicing my wrist open and watching the blood trickle down my arm, soaking into my shirt. I'm sorry for being useless. I'm sorry for bothering you. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. (A/N: SORRY SORRY SORRY *dances super junior.*)



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