Reuniting with a Surprise (Imagine with Dan)

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As you open your eyes you are immediately blinded by the fresh summer sunlight. You roll over to be welcomed by yet another empty space. Despite the calls its been 3 days since Dan has been home and you are beginning to feel pretty sad and lonely.

Its this week that Dan goes away for some YouTube thing, you told him you would be fine, but you aren't feeling fine. The more you try to take your mind off it, the worse you feel.

You decide to call your friend Ellie (for this one :L). You wait patiently and the dial tone rings in your ear until you hear "hello?" you soon reply "Hey Ellie, you okay?" she tells you shes fine then asks you the same, you're hesitant before saying "im fine" obviously with her being your best friend she knows youre not "Hey, im not your friend for nothing, tell me, whats wrong" 

"Oh Ellie, since Dan has gone away ive been so bored" you hear a slight 'hmm' down the phone "hey, how about we do something? Come shopping with me, i need to look for more appliences for my new kitchen anyway" you hear Ellie saying. You pause for a moment before telling her you will go with her, hey it might help take your mind off things.

Youre sat in Ellies car as you explain to her how you have been recently feeling "yeah, since Dan has been away ive been feeling pretty down" 

She looks at you for a moment then back at the road "Hey (Y/N) don't worry, only a few more days and he will be back" she says to you with a smile. Shes right, he will but you cant help feel the way you do, but for the rest of the day you stay 'happy' for Ellies sake, you dont want her worrying about you.

When you get back to yours you and her sit down and talk for a while, she keeps reassuring you that you will be alright and you know she is right, your feeling like this for no reason at all. 

Later that night you get a call from Dan and you tell him how you are feeling at the moment, you can hear in his voice that he feels guilty but just as Ellie did, he reassures you by saying "hey, cmon now (Y/N) just a couple more days, eh?" you talk for another 10 minutes or so before you say "love you" and hang up. 

You spend the next couple of days working between your job and sitting at home watching tv and eating tv dinners, well, whats the point in cooking for one? 

Its the day Dan comes back and you are really exited to see your loving boyfriend again. You decide you will cook a meal for the two of you with candles and stuff, cliché? You dont care. 

You change into a beautiful red dress and wait for Dan to arrive later that evening. When he finally does arrive and walks through the door you run over and hug him, so tight he has to make you loosen your grip on him. As he looks around he asks "whats all this?"

"Dan, baby, its for you" 

He looks back at you and smiles "you have done a great job in setting the mood for whats about to happen" he says in a sort of mysterious tone.

"w-what?" you question him. Then all of a sudden you see him get down onto him knee, as you gasp. "(Full/N) will you do me the honours of becoming my Mrs Ho..." before he even finished you are wrapped around him saying 'yes' multiple times before letting go.

"I'm glad you said yes, i love you (Y/N)" he tells you, "and i love you" you reply to him before sealing your fate with a kiss.

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