Chapter 10: Juvia and Lucy

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Lisanna had used her take-over magic and grabbed Lucy to an abandoned place where no one knows. "Let me go!"Lucy shouted. Lisanna dropped her onto the ground. "Ow!"Lucy groaned in pain. Just then, she turned and saw Juvia. She was in a water ball, unconscious. "Juvia! Are you alright!" Lucy said as she hit on the outside of the water ball. There was no response. "What you're doing is useless, Juvia had already locked her heart."Lisanna smirked.

Tears rolled down Lucy's cheeks and she said softly, "Juvia....."

[Back to the guild]

Natsu and Gray immediately ran to the guild and told everyone what had happened. Everyone was shocked. "Lisanna, why did you do this?"Mirajane and Elfman said while tearing. The guild master, Makarov, heard it and he said,"Then I have no choice but to remove Lisanna from the guild. " Everyone decided to go help Lucy so they all went to look for her.

"Hey everyone, I brought some beer!"Macao said as he just came back. "Oi, why isn't there anyone in the guild?! How can they ditch me here,that's so cruel!" Macao shouted.

[Back to where Lucy, Lisanna and Juvia is]

"Hmph! Looks like they had removed me to the guild! Now, I have nothing left and you?! You have everything you wanted?! Why is it so unfair?!" Lisanna shouted as she attacked Lucy. Lucy felt painful but she couldn't move as she was being tied up and there was no one to help her. "What should I do? If not I really will get killed!" Lucy thought to herself.

Lisanna could not stand Lucy, she was jealous of her being liked by the guild. "Why do you have everything that you want when you only join the guild for 2 years ?! I am already in this guild for about 15 years and I have nothing! Why?! Why?!" Lisanna shouted as she attacked Lucy. "Ahhh!" Lucy shouted in pain.

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