The bitch's POV

" if you're gonna stay there in MY spot .. Be sure that you're an expert in hiding .. Or i swear .. I really swear you'll wish you wasn't ever born " i said to this two ladies enjoying my spot at the study area ..

" Sorry Miss Cass " said this girl ..

" O to the M to the G Girl! She just called you cass .. " dana ..

" shut up dana .. " i said sweetly yet threatning ..

When i saw her shut her mouth,

I get my attention back to this bit*hes who JUST CALLED ME CASS

" I have a question .. " i said ..

" Are you my close friend? " i said threatning

" No " they said in chorus .. This girl on my other side was sweating into bits already .. I can see she's nervous ..

" are you my mom or my dad? .. "

" No "

" So how can you manage to call me ' Cass ' if you're not even one of what i said? "

I saw them bowed their heads for apology ..

" Sorry Miss Cassandra .. "

" Apology Accepted .. But you know what you should do .. " i said in a sweet, threatning, reminding voice ..

" Drop out from school Miss Cassandra . Yes we know .. "

" Okay you can go .. " i said .. Then the two girls ran and crying ..

" you did it again girl! .. " dana

" shut up okay? .. And hindi girl ang pangalan ko .. "

" Miss Cassandra eto na po yung pinagawa niong invitation para sa party .. " jenny handed me a box of invitations ..

I picked a piece of blank envelope and gave it to her ..

" as promised jenny here's your invitation " i said with a plastic smile ..

" thank you miss cassamdra!! .. This means a lot to me a-.. "

" Jenny! .. Do i look like i care? " i asked her .. She says to much .. I just handed her an invitation to my party .. -_____- .. She annoys me a lot ..

" you can go now jenny " dana

" toodles " yassy

Anyways .. Hi im Cassandra Blair Cornelia Watson .. 17 years old .. 2nd year College taking up BSAccountancy .. The perfect little miss of Cornelia University .. Half American half filipina .. But i was born on mexico . Im not letting anyone to call me blair .. So you call me miss Cassandra .. Mawawala lang ang ' Miss ' pag close na tayo .. Bitchy attitude on my intro right? .. Well BITCH is my last name .. Not literally though .. Marami nang babae ang Napariwara ang buhay dahil sakin .. Am i a bad influence? Of course not! .. Im a woman with class . Napapariwara sila kasi they're depressed on how i treat them .. Nadedepress sila na di ko sila tanggap sa buhay ko ..

Well tama na muna yang bitchy intro ko .. Let's talk about my family ..

My mom owns a fashion botique all over the world .. It's called Watsons design .. We have branches in italy, paris, new york, L.A, Brooklyn, China, Japan .. At marami pang iba .

While my dad has a lots of investments on leading companies not only here in the phils., but also in america .. Na feature na sya once sa Isang sikat magazine all over the world as the man with a million business ..

I have a brother he's still in elementary but he's not with me .. Nasa america sya ..

And you can say yes .. Mayaman kami ..

That's why im studying here .. At Cornelia University .. Kahit pagmamay ari namin ito, this is still an International School .. Walang kung sino sinong basta bastang nakakapasok dito ..

And ofcourse dahil samin to, ako ang queen bee dito .. Under ko lahat from students to the principal .. Yeah! Im THAT powerful ..

So if you even try to think of messing with me .. Just dont forget i CAN ruin your life in a snap ..

Scared?? Dapat lang ! ..

And additional info ..

Dahil ako ang queen bee dito ..

I have 2 loyal worshipers ..

Dana and yassy Sila na bahala mag intro sa sarili nila in time .. Alanganin namang i-intro ko pa sila diba? ..

Enough of me ..

Let's snap back to reality ..

I was walking on the halway, ofcourse all eyes are on me ..

Nakita ko naman si Jarred na may ka PDA ulit alam nio na siguro kung ano? ..

" Keep it up Red .. You're doing great " then i walked passed them ..

Red is a friend of mine .. So yeah .. And parents namin well ang dad ko lang pala, at ang dad nya ay best of friends .. Pano? Because of business .. Silang 2 ang nagpapalakihan ng investments .. Ewan ko ba sa kanila? ..

When we passed red and that girl he's kissing .. Bigla naman akong sinalubong ang aking " king " syempre queen bee nga ako eh pwede bang walang HOT BOYFRIEND ..

Meet Xavier Nathaniel Aragon he's the one worth introducing for .. He's my boyfriend since i dont know .. Elementary? Kinder? .. That doesnt matter .. The word is .. Matagal na kami .. We've been through every relationship problems .. But he still respects me .. Why? How? .. We still haven't done " that thing " kahit matagal na kami .. Since alam naming kami rin till the end .. Why rush on things right? .. Xavier is also my friend like jarred .. Actually 4 kami .. Ako, si xavier, si jarred at si ... -_____- celine ..

Argggg!! I hate it whenever i reminded myself of that name .. Most especially that person .. Im VERY irritated !! .

" Hi blair " i came back to my senses when xavier called me blair .. He's the only person i allowed to call me with that name .. He's THAT special to me ..

He pulled me closer and kissed me at the tip of my nose .

" tara na? Hatid na kita sa classroom mo? " i just nodded and then while hugging each other side by side .. We walked on the hallway ..

Royal Campus Couples .. Yan ang title namin ..


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