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They ran. Jack couldn't dare look back. But be knew the horde was almost on top of him. Bliv and Valkyrie were just ahead.

They ran off the Main Street and darted through a small alleyway. They emerged into a square street. The surrounding buildings were those towering skyscrapers that seemed to block out the sun.

Before the horde could attack, Valkyrie raised her arm and brought in the air, She splayed her hand and raised a barrier of wind, blocking the alleyway. The zombies snapped and snarled, But there was no way of getting through that shield.

"Ok" Jack said, he had his hands on his knees gasping for breath. "Whats plan C ?"

"The only place we can go, Is through the buildings" Replied Bliv.

"Right then, We move through the building." Added Valkyrie, Her arm straining.

"Ok, Sounds like a plan" Answered Jack, He turned to Valkyrie "Ready?"


Jack darted into a skyscraper as Valkyrie lowered the shield, Bliv snapped out at the air, Making the zombies stumble. Giving them time to get into the building.

As Bliv and Val entered, Jack bolted the door.

"Few, That was close. What now then?"

"We get to the Sanctuary" Said Val.

"How?" asked Bliv.

"I have no idea"

The door to the building was taking a massive beating, Threatening to burst open at any moment.

Jack ran to the door to keep it shut.

"You better decide quick" He said.

"The pub, Scapegraces pub. Theirs a tunnel leading straight into the Sanctuary."

"But how do we get there? Theirs a pack of zombies between that pub and us" Added Jack.

A smile began to grow on. Bliv's face.

"We go to the roof"

"What? And dive off?" Said Jack.

"Exactly" Said Bliv.

Jack suddenly realised the plan.

"Ohhhh, I get you. Nice plan Bliv"

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