Author's note

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To: My dear readers

Okay i'm currently writing on the fifth chapter and it came acoss my mind when some questions start to pop into my head. I would like to thank WenYaLimVelerlin for pointing out these questions and i know some readers might probably be wondering as well. : Why are Luna parents not werewolves? How did Luna became a werewolf? Maybe in the sixth chapter or seventh i would give some family background. But what i can tell you is that neither Luna's mother nor her sister, Yasmine is a were. So you'll probably be able to guess where she inherited her genes from...her father. And i realsed after five chapters the story is dwelling far away from my supnosis and title...but then so i would like to clarify again. It is called Beast Amnesia because Luna is a beast and she lost her memory since a long time ago, if you remember in chapter one her 360 degree changeover in attitude. Also, the voice she keeps hearing in her head is her animal instinct and i will explore the theme of insanity between instinct and rationalism. Chapter five, you'll see a bit of conflict between her logical mind and her animal instincts. Thanks again for the support and i know my story has grammer errors and the vocab may not be bombastic or professional but i try >.< So keep in tune for the next chapter! Thanks!



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