Chapter 115!

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Justin and I started making dinner, and about 10 minutes later Ella came walking down the stairs. She saw Justin and ran over to him,
“Hey daddy” she said as she hugged him, he hugged back and picked her up.
“Hey my little model” he said, I smiled and stopped making dinner.
“Have mommy showed you the pictures of me?” she asked, Justin nodded his head and kissed her forehead.
“She has, you are very beautiful princess” he told her, she smiled and hugged him.
“And you wanna know something?” Justin asked her, Ella nodded her head and smiled.
“Mommy is getting a photo studio here in the house so she can take pictures of you” Justin smiled; Ella smiled even bigger and hugged him. Justin sat her down and she ran over to me,
“Will you take pictures of me?” she asked me, I smiled and nodded my head,
“Of course” I smiled.
“Thank you mommy, and can you please send me the pictures of me to my phone?” she asked, I chuckled and nodded my head.
“But not right now! You have to help me and daddy with dinner, you know that Ryan, Elena and their kids are coming over tonight” I told her, she smiled and nodded her head.

20 minutes later:
The doorbell rang and Ella hurried over to the front door. She opened it and greeted Ryan, Elena and the kids.
She even held Cordelia when Elena took her jacket off. After that they came into the kitchen where Justin and I were standing. Justin had his arms wrapped around my waist and he was kissing my shoulder over and over again.
“Well hello love birds” Elena greeted, Justin unwrapped his arms and we went to give them a hug.
“Hey” I smiled as I hugged Elena. She had both Romeo and Cordelia in her arms,
“Wanna hold one of them?” she asked,
“You don’t even have to ask” I smiled; Elena giggled and handed me Romeo.
“GOD he is so handsome” I told her, she smiled and nodded her head.
“Where is Penelope?” I asked her,
“She ran upstairs with Ella” she said, I nodded my head and invited then into the living room.
“Well sit down, dinner will be ready in 15 minutes” I told them, they nodded their heads and sat down.
I gave Romeo to Justin and he sat down besides Ryan.
I went upstairs and went into Ella’s room, but there was no one. Then I went into Luke’s room and saw all of them on the bed playing PlayStation. I smiled and took a picture of them.
“Kids come downstairs now, dinner is soon ready” I told them, they nodded their heads and paused the game. Then they followed me downstairs were Justin, Ryan and Elena was sitting with a baby each.
“Evelyn started crying, so I made her a bottle” Justin explained, I nodded my head and sat down beside him. The kids sat down on some bean bags and started talking.
Justin then cleared his throat and everyone turned their attention towards him.
“Y/N and I have been talking about this for a while now, and we finally decided to do it” Justin started, “We want you guys to come with us on a vacation before Ella starts in school” he said, Elena smiled and looked at Ryan. Ryan nodded his head and kissed Elena’s lips, and Justin kissed mine.
“Where are we going?” Ryan asked,
“I think we should talk about that after dinner, because it’s ready now” I said, Elena nodded her head and stood up.
“Can the twins lay with Evelyn in her crib?” she asked, I nodded my head and we laid the babies down in the crib.
We sat down around the table, the kids sat in one end and we sat in the other one. I send the food around and we started eating.
“Wow this taste amazing” Ryan said and Elena agreed,
“You’re such a good cook” Elena told me,
“Well Justin helped me” I told her,
“Really? How can you suddenly make dinner, when you couldn’t a few times ago?” Ryan teased,
“Ha ha very funny Ryan” Justin said, I chuckled and so did Elena.
“Daddy?” Ella asked, Justin nodded his head and turned his attention towards her.
“Why do you have so many tattoos?” she asked him, I giggled and wrapped an arm around Justin’s arm.
“Because I think they look good” he said, “And each one of them means something to me” he continued, she nodded her head and took a bite of her food.
“Can I get one?” she asked, Justin coughed and I laughed.
“No sweetie, you can’t” he told her,
“Why not?” she asked rather disappointed.
“Because you have to be over 18” he told her, “and they hurt to get” he explained,
“Then why did you get them?” she asked him, Justin shrugged his shoulders and took a bite of his food.
“Justin eat, and then we’ll talk about this later” he told her, she nodded her head and turned her attention towards Penelope and Luke. Elena and I looked at each other and then cracked down laughing.
“What is it there is so funny?” Justin asked, my laughter toned down and I started talking.
“I just never thought you would have this conversation with her” I told him, he nodded his head and kissed my cheek.
“Would you like to get a tattoo with me?” he asked me, I nodded my head and kissed his lips,
“I would love to” I told him.
We continued eating and talking and after about an hour later we decided to start searching for a place to go on a vacation.
I found my MacBook and opened it. I opened Safari and searched on a few places.  

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