unusual father-son bonding time

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I get up and run towards him with speed this time I jump, raising my right leg up I send it back down. he quickly reacts grabbing my leg I come down on my left foot standing there trying to keep my balance with it, he looks at me "jumping like that was stupid sure it gave you extra power to your attack but it leaves you almost helpless to blocks and..." he slides his right foot behind my left foot "...counter attacks" he pushes causing me to trip under his leg but as he does I put my hands out and as they make contact with the ground I raise my left hand balancing on my right hand I do a 180 spin clockwise I pull my left leg out and kick it into his side but he stand taking the hit and grabbing my leg "that was good you are athletic but with no power behind to take down a man of my power or higher you'll never be able to deal any damage". he grabs with both hands and swings me round 5 times before letting me go sending me flying into another supporting poll of the building breaking it off it falls to the floor with a clanging noise.

I get up again he turns to me "Come on your gonna have to do better than that" his eyes fixed on me I clench my fist annoyed I run towards him using my vampuric speed and before he knew it I was already in front of him and had planted my right fist into his stomach the force sent him flying into the warehouse wall but it could not take the force and speed he was coming to it and he broke through he fell down and tumbled before flipping up and landing onto his feet "well it seems you are able to use your vampuric powers to give you extra speed and power but you don't know how to control it yet" he says clenching his stomach he thought to himself "that said the power he used was incredible and nothing I've ever seen" he stands up straight with a smile as he brushes at his stomach. I give a smile as well "I'm surprised your smiling after that, bet it hurt didn't it?" he lets out a single laugh and lowers his hand "I won't lie that did hurt but don't get to cocky, you have power but no control over it using that much power all the time will leave you with no energy to sustain it for long" I watch on while his clothes begin to flutter yet there was no wind to cause it but energy emanating from him "now I'll show you what happens when you are able to control your power" in a flash he seems to disappear I look round trying to see where he went "whats wrong lose something" says a voice behind me my eyes widen and I turn my head slightly "so fast" I thought to myself, his back turned to me he smiles and then elbows me in the back sending me tumbling along the floor but before I can recover he re appears, floating above me he hits into me and I hit down into the floor and bounce up like a ball he then appears under me and kicks up sending me into the air and through the roof I go up and up higher and higher before he stops me by grabbing a hold of me. He looks at me "come on then can't you fly?" I look at him and shake my head, he stands in the air like he is standing on ground "huh well you're not much of a vampire if you can't fly then" I look at him "shut up" he laughs "don't worry you'll learn eventually when you learn to control your powers you will be able to fly so let's start now" I look at him worried " w-what?" I ask but then I realize what he means as his grip seems to loosen "wait wait what are you doing stop" he lets go.

I begin descending back to the ground shouting out faster and faster till I fall back into the warehouse but before I hit the ground he grabs me again stopping me hit the ground my scared face turns to anger " are you crazy what were you doing" he lets go of me letting me drop to the floor. he then walks a couple of steps away from me and lets out a huff "trying to teach you to fly" he looks at me and I at him "what were you worried about were practically immortal a fall like that wouldn't off killed you" he walks to me and stops in front of me putting his right hand out, I look at him annoyed I then grab on with my left hand as he pulls up he says "I think that enough for now anyway you must remember you cannot learn to fly until you have fallen" I raise my right hand up clenching it I hit him with an uppercut to the chin he takes a few steps back holding it "aaaah" he comes up to me annoyed "you wanna go another round!" he says with his face inches away from me as he raised a fist I then go forward with our foreheads touching I raise my first "lets go I can take you this time" energy emits from him "you have less chance taking on Kelly let alone me" he replies, energy emits from me as I get angrier "oh yeah? Wanna see!" the energy from both of us grows and grows filling the warehouse and soon it starts pushing against the warehouse growing and growing. On the outside christabella had arrived back and was walking to the door we had previously walked through "I wonder how they're getting on I hope there not trying to kill each other " she says to herself, she grips the handle but feels it is vibrating along with the rest of the building and soon the building cannot take it and blows and a cloud of dust expands from it after a few seconds it disperses and all that is left is the door she is behind shocked she lets go off the door which falls back she looks at it then around at were the warehouse once stood now nothing but rubble laid there she looked round "um boys are you in here?" shes looks on to see he is standing there dusting off his coat as I lay there knocked out "hmmm seems we used a too much power" he looks at me "oh well hes out cold so its definitely over" she runs over to us trying not to trip on the rubble she kneels down to me "Dante are you ok?" she looks at him mad "what were you thinking using that much power" she asks, he looks at her "sorry seems things got out of hand" he replied, she then looks back to me "boys. always talking with fists and not words" he turned and walked away "take him back to the house let him get some rest" he said, she raised me up and looked over at him "I will" she replied, he continued to walk thinking about what just happened "I was lucky the power he used.... I could feel his energy starting to overpower mine I never would of thought I would of had to go full power for that even so..." he turns his head slightly to look at me "that boy's power is going to be unstoppable"

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